Kelly Ferraro Awarded $2,300,000.00 on Behalf of Another Retired NFL Player

Kelly Ferraro has been awarded $2,300,000.00 on behalf of another retired NFL player in the NFL brain concussion lawsuit pending in Philadelphia Federal Court. Our client, a 46 year old former offensive lineman who played 8 years in the NFL back in the 1990’s, has a progressive neurological impairment stemming from “countless” concussions that has … Continued

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NCAA Concussion Reporting and Player Notification Remains a Work in Progress

Football is notorious for the “tough guy” culture. No one playing college or professional football wants to admit they are hurt. After all, this is their career. In many cases, football players that do report injuries find themselves being replaced and a spot no longer available for them when they are able to return. For … Continued

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Seahawks LB Joshua Perry Retires at 24 after Sixth Documented Concussion

NFL Seahawks linebacker Joshua Perry announced his retirement from playing at just 24 years of age. The reasons for his retirement stem from the diagnosis of a sixth concussion and his concerns over his mental health. Concussions and permanent head trauma from the game forced Perry to retire. He stated in an interview that, “the … Continued

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Washington Post: NCAA concussion case settles three days into trial

For a half-dozen years, courts across the country have handled a series of concussion-related lawsuits filed by former players and their family members, who felt football caused irreparable damage, sometimes even leading to death. The cases have been either settled, dismissed or are still locked in some stage of legal dispute. But Ploetz v. NCAA … Continued

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Boston Globe: Denied benefits, delayed payments, and the bureaucratic roadblocks of the NFL’s concussion settlement

On festive holidays, Ronnie Lippett, one of the hardest-hitting defensive backs in New England Patriots history, eats alone in his room because the sounds of family celebrations disorient and disturb him. He never leaves his home outside Boston without a small spiral notebook that contains his precise itinerary, floor plans of the buildings he visits, … Continued