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NFL Brain Concussion Cases


What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Concussion?

January 4, 2019

Concussions are widely misunderstood. You might think you must lose consciousness to have a concussion. Or, you may assume that it requires a severe (if not violent) blow to the head to create a concussion. However, concussions are a form of a traumatic brain injury (TBI), and they range from mild to severe, depending on […]

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Concussion Researchers Study Head Motion in High School Football Hits

November 12, 2018

Concussion researchers have been studying head motion during high school football practice and game strikes with exciting results. Once the study completes, they may have the insight needed to prevent further cases of concussion-related brain disorders from football. The scientific research team, headed by Stanford University’s School of Medicine, examined three Bay Area high school […]

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For Your Patients – Concussion: Why Some Neurologists Are Calling “Foul” over Criteria for NFL

November 4, 2018

Concussion experts, tasked with reviewing Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs), now argue against eligibility determinations for NFL player concussion settlements, stating that the eligibility requirements for retirees are not appropriate or complete. Currently, the NFL’s concussion settlement criteria dictate whether a player suffered a brain injury that warrants compensation. The requirements, however, ignore clinical standards for […]

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NFL Concussion Settlement

Concussion Claim against NFL Filed on Behalf of Legendary Broadcaster, Pat Summerall

October 14, 2018

Pat Summerall, known as George Allen “Pat” Summerall to family and friends, was a famous American football player and sportscaster who worked for CBS, ESPN, and Fox Sports. He passed away in April 2013. And during his career, he was the announcer for 16 NFL Super Bowls, 26 football tournaments, and 21 US Opens. Recently, […]

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Concussions Are a Concern in Prep Football

October 5, 2018

Most parents don’t think twice about signing up their children for prep football. After all, they are just kids and how seriously could they be injured? Prep football helps introduce your child to the sport, gameplay, and allows you to see if they are a fit for it before pursuing a more formal career in […]

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Kelly Ferraro Awarded $2,300,000.00 on Behalf of Another Retired NFL Player

September 20, 2018

Kelly Ferraro has been awarded $2,300,000.00 on behalf of another retired NFL player in the NFL brain concussion lawsuit pending in Philadelphia Federal Court. Our client, a 46 year old former offensive lineman who played 8 years in the NFL back in the 1990’s, has a progressive neurological impairment stemming from “countless” concussions that has […]

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NCAA Concussion Reporting and Player Notification Remains a Work in Progress

September 12, 2018

Football is notorious for the “tough guy” culture. No one playing college or professional football wants to admit they are hurt. After all, this is their career. In many cases, football players that do report injuries find themselves being replaced and a spot no longer available for them when they are able to return. For […]

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The Deaths of 4 Ex-Football Players Result in Family Members Filing Suits against the NCAA

September 3, 2018

The NCAA is under fire this week after family members filed lawsuits for the deaths of four former football players. The widow of one Grand Valley State University quarterback, Cullen Finnerty, was just one of the members of that lawsuit. She filed her suit against the NCAA at the end of August alleging that brain […]

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Denial of Class-Action Status for NHL Concussion Lawsuit Opens the Door for Individuals to File Instead

August 19, 2018

The class-action status was requested by former NHL players who allege that the league failed to protect them from severe head injuries and concealed the risks of multiple concussions – including the long-term effects. While the class-action status was denied, that does not mean the case is over or that it is the last chance […]

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Seahawks LB Joshua Perry Retires at 24 after Sixth Documented Concussion

August 12, 2018

NFL Seahawks linebacker Joshua Perry announced his retirement from playing at just 24 years of age. The reasons for his retirement stem from the diagnosis of a sixth concussion and his concerns over his mental health. Concussions and permanent head trauma from the game forced Perry to retire. He stated in an interview that, “the […]

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