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Expectant parents should have the assistance of trained medical professionals who can help guide them through pregnancy to the safe delivery of a healthy baby. While most pregnancies and deliveries proceed without issues, there are situations where providers do not give patients the proper level of care. Negligent doctors sometimes fail to properly diagnose and treat conditions, such as vasa previa, which can have serious effects on mothers and their babies.

If your child suffered severe birth injuries due to vasa previa, it is crucial to understand that you have legal options. A Bridgeport vasa previa lawyer can help you determine whether your situation constitutes malpractice and work with you to build a birth injury claim for compensation.

What is Vasa Previa?

In a typical pregnancy, the blood vessels in the umbilical cord connect the fetus to the placenta. The cord shelters the blood vessels and carries blood and nutrients to the baby. In a vasa previa pregnancy, the fetal blood vessels develop outside the safety of the umbilical cord and instead form in the amniotic sac membranes. Without the cord to protect and support them, these blood vessels are at serious risk of rupturing during a vaginal delivery. In the event of a rupture, the baby can suffer a large blood loss, which can lead to a severe birth injury or even fatality.

When an obstetrician diagnoses the vasa previa prior to delivery, they can order a scheduled early c-section, which can significantly reduce the risk of injury. Failing to diagnose vasa previa and take the proper treatment steps can constitute medical malpractice. The Bridgeport vasa previa attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna can help determine whether a particular doctor’s actions were negligent and take legal action against them.

Diagnosing Vasa Previa

While some patients do not display any signs of vasa previa, many people have at least one of the following signs, symptoms, or risk factors:

  • Vaginal bleeding late into the pregnancy
  • Placenta previa or low-lying placenta
  • Bi-lobed placenta, where the patient’s placenta is split into two sections
  • Umbilical cord abnormalities
  • Twins or higher order multiples pregnancy
  • History of D&C, c-sections, or other uterine surgeries
  • Pregnancy resulting from IVF

When patients present with any of the above risk factors, doctors should be especially diligent in checking for vasa previa. They can diagnose the condition through ultrasound.

Properly Managing Vasa Previa

Once diagnosed, vasa previa is usually manageable. Doctors can order regular nonstress tests to check on the condition of the cord to ensure that the cord is not compressing on the membranes. They can also give the mother steroids to speed up the development of the baby’s lungs. Many doctors will admit the mother to the hospital at some point during the pregnancy so they can perform regular monitoring of the baby’s heart rate and intervene if it becomes necessary. Most doctors recommend scheduling a c-section a few weeks before a baby is full-term to avoid the premature rupture of membranes, which could cause the blood vessels to rupture.

A diligent legal team can review a Bridgeport patient’s medical history records to determine if their providers properly treated their vasa previa.

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Although vasa previa is a scary diagnosis, it does not have to result in life-altering or fatal complications. If properly managed, both mother and baby have a very good chance of surviving the delivery with no complications. However, if a doctor fails to diagnose the condition and waits for the mother to go into labor, a serious medical emergency can occur.

If you believe your doctor failed to manage your vasa previa, you should speak to a Bridgeport vasa previa lawyer. Our dedicated team at Berkowitz Hanna has extensive experience handling cases like these, and we will fight for what your family deserves.