Bridgeport Umbilical Cord Issues Lawyer

Across the thousands of births that happen every day across America, one of the most common sources of complications—and unfortunately one of the most dangerous as well—is the umbilical cord. Before a baby is born, the umbilical cord is where they get vital nutrients as well as their supply of blood and oxygen, but if it gets knotted or just ends up in the way during birth, it can cause severe and potentially life-threatening problems for both mother and child.

Doctors who assist with childbirth are trained to spot and promptly handle this kind of issue, and any physician who negligently fails to meet this basic standard of care may bear civil liability for ensuing harm. If you or your child were injured due to a problem with the umbilical cord during birth, talking with a Bridgeport umbilical cord issues lawyer should be a priority. The birth injury attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna have extensive experience handling cases like these and can ensure that all possible steps are taken to get you the compensation you deserve.

How Do Umbilical Cord Errors Happen?

While problems involving the umbilical cord are fairly rare while a fetus is still in utero, there are numerous ways it can end up causing serious harm during birth. The most straightforward umbilical cord issue is what is known as a nuchal cord, which entails the umbilical cord getting wrapped around a baby’s neck and potentially impeding their blood flow or breathing. A knot forming in the umbilical cord during delivery can also result in oxygen deprivation for the fetus, and a prolapse of the cord through the mother’s cervix prior to the baby coming through can lead to a rapid and immensely dangerous drop in the baby’s heart rate.

Even if a diligent doctor notices an issue like this, they often have less than a minute to resolve the problem by unwrapping the cord, untangling a knot, or even conducting an emergency C-section. Because of the high stakes and short time window, a negative outcome to this sort of situation does not always constitute valid grounds for litigation. As a seasoned Bridgeport umbilical cord issues attorney can explain, a malpractice claim is only possible when an equally qualified physician reasonably would have done more under the circumstances.

Recoverable Damages Through a Successful Claim

When a doctor does not meet the level of care that another physician with their knowledge and training would have provided, this is known as breaching the standard of care. This could involve carelessly failing to identify the problem, performing a corrective procedure incorrectly, waiting too long to start surgery, and more. In these situations, a mother could take legal action over her baby’s—and potentially her own—injuries and losses.

Specific compensable losses may include:

  • Short-term and long-term medical expenses
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Emotional anguish and suffering
  • Lost future earning capacity for the baby
  • Long-term costs for things like in-home assistance or assistive medical equipment
  • Lost quality/enjoyment of life

A skilled lawyer can go into more specific detail during a private meeting regarding what damages might be recoverable in a particular case based on umbilical cord issues in Bridgeport.

Discuss Your Options with a Knowledgeable Bridgeport Umbilical Cord Issues Attorney

Problems during childbirth can cause lifelong harm if not diagnosed and remedied quickly, and the window for resolving umbilical cord issues tends to be especially short. If your child sustained serious injuries because a doctor failed to manage such an issue appropriately, you may have grounds to demand substantial financial restitution.

An experienced Bridgeport umbilical cord issues lawyer can help you seek justice for your family. At Berkowitz Hanna, we are committed to fighting for you. As one of the top three medical malpractice firms in the state, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting you the compensation you need and deserve. Set up your free consultation today to learn more about what we can do for you.