Bridgeport Infant Jaundice Malpractice Lawyer

Jaundice is a common medical problem that newborns experience, especially those born before 35 weeks of gestation. If identified and treated promptly, there is relatively little risk of jaundice causing long-term harm to a child. However, serious and potentially life-altering damage can be done if medical negligence prevents an infant with jaundice from receiving the care they deserve.

If your newborn child’s jaundice was not appropriately diagnosed and/or treated by their doctors, you should speak with a Bridgeport infant jaundice malpractice lawyer about your legal options. Any harm your infant has sustained because of a medical professional’s misconduct may be grounds for civil litigation. Therefore, support from a knowledgeable birth injury attorney at Berkowitz Hanna could be essential in achieving a favorable case outcome.

Proving Negligence in an Infant Jaundice Case

Jaundice is characterized by unnaturally yellowed skin and/or eyes and is caused by excessive bilirubin in the bloodstream. This condition is prevalent among infants because of early-onset issues with liver function. Any healthcare provider assisting with childbirth or pediatric care should have the experience and training necessary to recognize infant jaundice and treat it effectively.

If a doctor ignores or carelessly fails to notice symptoms of jaundice in an infant, or if a physician does not provide adequate treatment or necessary follow-up care for an infant diagnosed with the condition, they may have breached the accepted “standard of care” for their field. Violating this standard means the healthcare professional has failed to act how a reasonable physician with equivalent experience and training would have acted under the same circumstances.

State law requires those trying to file suit over alleged jaundice malpractice to make a “reasonable inquiry” into their case with a qualified medical expert. This expert must affirm, in writing, that malpractice likely occurred. If a plaintiff does not establish this, they likely cannot proceed with their claim. Guidance from a knowledgeable attorney can be vital to understanding and efficiently complying with this requirement when building a claim for infant jaundice malpractice in Bridgeport.

Compensation Seen in Infant Jaundice Malpractice Cases

Unfortunately, untreated or mistreated infant jaundice can have devastating consequences, sometimes resulting in lifelong physical and cognitive difficulties. While financial restitution cannot make up for the harm caused by negligence, it may be crucial in minimizing the impact of various past and future losses, such as:

  • Medical expenses for short-term and long-term care
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Emotional anguish
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life
  • Lost earning capacity

A Bridgeport lawyer can evaluate what losses a particular family could factor into their newborn jaundice malpractice claim and what filing deadlines might apply to their specific circumstances.

Seek Help from a Bridgeport Infant Jaundice Malpractice Attorney

Learning that your infant has suffered severe harm at the hands of negligent care providers is beyond frustrating. While it may seem overwhelming to pursue legal action during this time, a local attorney could help you hold the responsible party liable for improperly treating infant jaundice.

During a confidential consultation, a Bridgeport infant jaundice malpractice lawyer can offer guidance about potential next steps. Schedule yours by calling Berkowitz Hanna today.