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What If I Sustain an Injury By a Laser Procedure?

Written by Berkowitz

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Experienced Lawyers for Victims of Laser Procedure Injuries in Connecticut

Lasers have become increasingly common during skin procedures. They are used for everything from routine procedures to in-depth cosmetic work. They can reduce wrinkles, clear up acne (and scars), and even remove hair. These laser surgeries have become so popular that people are using them as if they were usual skincare treatments. But, what patients may not realize is that lasers still have their own set of risks – and these risks could be life-threatening for some.

Despite their convenience, patients need to do their due diligence before consenting to laser procedures. This includes understanding their rights and the potential side-effects.

The Danger of Laser Procedures

Because of their convenience and popularity, non-physician clinics are wanting to jump into the market and offer laser procedures. While most of these procedures are simple and don’t require a medical doctor to oversee them, a problem could arise wherein having a non-medical professional do the procedure becomes highly problematic. Also, inexperience is a leading cause of technician error  – and could lead to permanent mistakes that leave a person disfigured.

Can You Sue a Non-Physician for Laser Surgery Injuries?

Most people would assume injuries during surgery would fall on the doctor, but what if a non-physician was performing the procedure? There are no federal requirements for who is legally allowed to perform laser surgery; therefore, a lawsuit could arise after you sustain an injury during this procedure.

In fact, most of these procedures are done by people with little to no training or supervision. Regardless, you are a patient or client of the clinic, and they are legally responsible for injuries you encounter.

Medical-grade lasers are those that can lead to serious injury because they are designed to cut through human flesh. These intense pulsed lights are prescription devices for use in the medical community, but non-medical professionals still use them in their clinics. By doing so, these facilities must adhere to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. Failure to do so could result in federal penalties.

If you are injured during a laser surgery procedure, you could suffer from skin burns, damaged skin cells, lesions, cuts, etc. This injury can permanently scar or cost hundreds (if not thousands) in medical expenses to repair.

After an injury, you have the right to receive compensation from the negligent party. In cases where laser surgery is performed, you may have a claim against the technician, their employer, the supervisor, and the company that manufactured or maintained the laser – depending on the circumstances of your particular injury.

When the damage is done by a non-medical professional, you will be able to recover through a personal injury claim. If the professional was a medical doctor or healthcare worker, then you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim.

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