Stamford Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

A spinal injury can completely shatter what you envisioned for yourself and your loved ones going forward. On top of this, you may struggle to keep up with the increasing costs of ongoing medical care and equipment, like a wheelchair, stair lift, catheters, and physical therapy. When you can prove that someone else’s actions—such as blowing a red light because they were texting and driving—are what caused your injury, you might be entitled to compensation.

Consider working with a skilled Stamford paraplegia injury lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna to help you take effective action against those who harmed you. With decades of proud service fighting for those with paralyzing conditions caused by another person or agency’s recklessness, our catastrophic injury team has a wealth of resources we can use to your advantage. We have the utmost respect for your unique journey and the incredible vulnerability it takes to fight back and exercise your legal rights when you are hurting.

Negligent Causes of Paraplegia

In today’s fast-moving society, many different causes may be to blame for someone becoming paralyzed because of an injury to their brain or spinal cord. For example, someone walking on the street may get hit by a motorcycle that careens off the road, shattering the vertebrae in their lower back. A truck driver may ram into a compact car in its blind spot and break the spine of the unsuspecting casualty in the passenger seat. Costly medical errors may lead to a patient experiencing a life-altering wound to their brain or spinal cord that deprives them of their ability to walk.

Accessing a fair settlement can enormously impact someone’s ability to recover physically and emotionally after an accident. Regardless of the exact cause of a paraplegia injury, a Stamford attorney can look into whether the circumstances of the case allow for legal action.

Pursuing Compensation for Paraplegia

When bringing a lawsuit against at-fault parties, an attorney will build and present a well-reasoned legal case that proves all the required pieces of the law. For example, if someone wants to sue a drunk driver, they might need to gather sufficient evidence to establish that the other motorist violated Connecticut General Statutes § 14-227a. Likewise, someone suing their doctor for making a costly error during a delicate spinal surgery would need to show that they did not follow the standard of care outlined in Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-184c.

Another factor to be aware of is making sure to file the correct legal documents within the proper statute of limitations—i.e., the filing deadline for bringing a court case against someone. A Stamford attorney is best suited to help someone with a paralyzing condition figure out the time limit they have for taking this step.

Schedule Your Free Consultation With a Stamford Paraplegia Injury Attorney

Not being able to move the bottom half of your body may present a host of unique challenges that may keep you from pursuing professional and personal opportunities you thought were available to you. When someone else’s actions are responsible for your situation, it may be possible to sue them and demand that they pay you due compensation.

Get in touch with Berkowitz Hanna today to schedule a consultation with a Stamford paraplegia injury lawyer on our team. We have valuable experience fighting for those who were hurt by the negligence and wrongful actions of others, and we welcome the opportunity to help you, too.