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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) refer to brain dysfunction caused by an outside force. They are a specific type of brain damage, differentiated from other internal causes, like a stroke. Any exterior force can lead to a TBI, but the most frequent reason is a violent blow to the head. Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and sports injuries are common causes of TBIs. 

While all TBIs need medical attention and have the potential of leading to — or at least contributing to — lifelong issues, not all TBIs are the same. Some people may make a full recovery after a TBI, while others will suffer lifelong disability because of the injury. Understanding the extent of the injury, how it will impact a person’s life, and the financial toll it will take on the person and their loved ones is critical to ensuring an adequate financial recovery. A Stamford traumatic brain injury lawyer can work with you and your medical team to get the compensation you deserve after one of these injuries. 

TBI Symptoms

A TBI is possible anytime a person is in an accident that leads to a blow to the head. Symptoms are often the result of swelling due to the accident. They can show up immediately or develop over a few days. Anyone with a potential head injury should get immediate medical care. They should also be on the lookout for confusion, dizziness, headaches, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, mood changes, depression, and difficulty concentrating. Many people also experience nausea. For young children who cannot communicate their symptoms, TBI symptoms may include persistent crying or irritability. 

Symptoms often get worse over time, so it is essential to seek medical care quickly. Doctors may be able to intervene to prevent or limit further damage. If left untreated, some of the damage from a TBI may be permanent. In fact, medical professionals ignoring the signs of TBI could contribute to an injury. A traumatic brain injury lawyer in Stamford will not only examine the cause of an injury but also the adequacy of any post-injury care. 

Degrees of Brain Injury

While all TBIs are serious injuries requiring prompt medical attention and some degree of ongoing care, they are not all equal. There are three categories of traumatic brain injuries — mild, moderate, and severe. The category indicates the likely prognosis for a full recovery. 

Mild TBIs

Mild TBIs cause mild symptoms which appear to go away in a few days. People may have headaches and nausea, feel a little confused or dizzy, and need rest. However, these symptoms will generally resolve on their own without the medical team needing to intervene. 

However, medical science is radically changing its approach to mild TBIs. Not long ago, doctors assumed that mild TBIs entirely resolved on their own. Now, it seems clear that mild TBIs leave lasting injuries, so cumulative TBIs can result in significant damage that can be more severe than a single moderate or severe TBI. It is imperative to inform a medical team of any history of traumatic brain injuries. 

Moderate TBIs

Moderate TBIs last longer than mild TBIs and may involve more extensive medical care. People may lose consciousness and experience significant confusion. Many people will fully recover from moderate TBIs, but the recovery period may be more extended, requiring time away from work and expensive medical monitoring. 

Severe TBIs

Severe TBIs can impact people for a lifetime. In addition to cognition, memory, and mood, they can also affect someone’s motor skills. Many people never fully recover from TBIs and will never be able to return to work. A TBI attorney in Stamford will work hard to ensure that a compensation award accounts for lifelong treatment and lost income.

Do Not Wait to Contact a Stamford Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Dealing with a TBI can be overwhelming for the victim and their loved ones. At the same time, insurance companies may be pressuring you to accept a settlement offer. The financial costs of a TBI can be much more significant than people realize, not to mention the mental and emotional costs of the injury. 

Before accepting a settlement, it is a great idea to speak with a Stamford traumatic brain injury lawyer. Our attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna can help you understand the potential lifelong costs of your injury so that you can assess whether a settlement offer is fair. We can also represent you in negotiations or at trial.

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