Shelton Wrongful Death Lawyer

Suddenly losing a beloved family member can irrevocably alter your life. It can take months or even years to get used to the jarring reality that you no longer have your loved one by your side. In addition to dealing with massive emotional upheaval, you might also be dealing with financial struggles, especially if your loved one’s paycheck helped to support your family.

If someone else’s actions contributed to your loved one’s death, your family might be eligible to collect damages in a wrongful death claim. A Shelton wrongful death lawyer can offer you helpful advice and guidance. Our compassionate injury attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna have extensive experience handling cases like these and will fight for what you deserve.

It Is Crucial To Act Quickly After a Fatal Accident

After losing a beloved family member in an unexpected accident or incident, most people want to take time to grieve. Processing the loss of a loved one takes time, and many people experience some level of shock and grief after a death. Some family members cannot even speak their deceased loved one’s name, let alone think about moving forward with a plan to sue the wrongdoer who caused their death.

Unfortunately, like most other states, Connecticut limits the time that a family has to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. In most situations, with only a few limited exceptions, families must bring a legal claim within two years of a decedent’s death. Acting quickly can be essential in a wrongful death case. Sometimes, witnesses forget what they saw, or evidence gets lost or misplaced. Reaching out to a knowledgeable Shelton attorney to discuss a possible claim as soon as possible after a fatal incident can often make all the difference in how the case turns out.

What Kind of Damages Could a Family Pursue After an Untimely Death?

Every wrongful death case is unique and deserves special, individualized attention. The compassionate attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna take the time to learn everything they can about the decedent in order to get a clearer picture of the impact that their loss could potentially have on their family. A lawyer can review the decedent’s pay stubs and other work-related information to put a monetary figure on the potential lost wages and future lost lifetime earnings that the decedent was unable to earn because of their untimely death.

In addition to learning about their financial contribution to the household, a Shelton wrongful death attorney can look deeper into the family’s situation and learn how much the decedent contributed in other ways. A seasoned lawyer can pursue damages for intangible losses, such as the loss of consortium for a surviving spouse. They could also put a monetary figure on contributions that the decedent made to the household in other ways, such as by caring for the children.

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Losing a beloved family member can be devastating. Without your loved one, you might struggle financially and emotionally. Filing a wrongful death claim might give your family the best chance of moving forward. Prevailing in your lawsuit could give your family the compensation you need to begin this new chapter in your life while finding justice for your lost loved one.

To learn more about your legal options, contact a Shelton wrongful death lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna today. Your initial consultation is completely free.