Shelton Sports Injury Lawyer

Many Shelton residents actively participate in sports. Youth sports, such as t-ball and recreational soccer, have become rites of passage. The love for sports does not fade with adulthood; many individuals continue to engage in physical activities as a means of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Unfortunately, there is always a risk of injury when it comes to sports. Some injuries are not preventable, but there are also situations where a parent, coach, or other party fails to keep players safe. If you or your child suffered serious injuries because of someone else’s negligence, speak with a Shelton sports injury lawyer about your options. Our injury attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna can help you understand your options and pursue the payments you deserve. 

Common Sports-Related Injuries

Different kinds of injuries can develop from sports. While injuries are more apt to happen in contact sports like football and basketball, they can also occur in non-team sports, such as tennis and track. The most common types of sporting injuries are as follows:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Strained muscles 
  • Sprained joints, especially ankle and knee injuries
  • Broken bones 
  • Back and neck injuries, including spinal injuries which can lead to paralysis
  • Overexertion injuries

The majority of sports injuries are relatively minor. They heal quickly with time off from play and rest. However, some injuries, such as head and spinal trauma, can have debilitating effects that can be long-lasting or even permanent.

Brain Injuries

Head injuries are also devastatingly common among athletes. Those playing contact sports are particularly prone to suffering brain injuries, such as concussions. Concussions can occur from a direct impact to the head, such as when a soccer player heads the ball or a basketball player’s head hits the hard floor after being fouled. They can also happen even when an athlete’s head does not suffer a direct impact, such as when an athlete’s brain jostles back and forth in their skull walls after a rough tackle in a football game. 

How Negligence Can Lead to Sports Injuries

Some sports-related injuries happen even if nobody does anything wrong. Sometimes, athletes slip or trip or bump into each other as a part of the game. However, coaches, product manufacturers, sports organizations, and other players should do their best to minimize the risk of injuries. If someone’s negligence or willful misconduct leads to a sports injury, the injured athlete or their family might be eligible to bring a lawsuit for damages in Shelton. 

Everyone involved in a sport owes a duty of care to act reasonably towards teammates, employees, and opposing players. Coaches and managers must ensure that their equipment, such as safety helmets, is in proper working order. When organizations use faulty or worn-down equipment, injuries can occur. Coaches also need to ensure that their playing fields are safe. They could be liable if an athlete falls due to a poorly-maintained field. Coaches should carefully observe their players and remove them from a game if they appear to have suffered any type of injury. They should also refrain from over-exerting their players. In some instances, players who fight during a game can also be liable for injuries resulting from the assault. 

Our Shelton attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to thoroughly investigate claims related to sports injuries. We can sift through evidence to identify potential instances of negligence or misconduct and take legal action accordingly.

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A serious sports-related injury can turn your life upside down. You could suddenly be faced with medical bills, physical pain, an inability to work, and more. When your injuries are caused by someone else, you deserve restitution.

Our Shelton sports injury lawyers work tirelessly to help you fight back and hold the responsible parties accountable for their wrongful actions. To discuss your injury claim with a skilled member of our team, contact our office today.