Shelton Dog Bite Lawyer

Even if they are normally friendly and lovable companions, domesticated dogs can still be extremely dangerous if they believe another person or animal poses a threat to them or their owner. Even if a dog attack does not result in long-term physical injuries, the emotional and psychological scars from an ordeal like this can last for months or years and result in significant personal losses.

As a personal injury attorney could explain, most dog owners can and should be held automatically liable for any physical injury their dog causes someone else. In order to give yourself the best chances of the best possible resolution to your case, though, you should strongly consider retaining a skilled Shelton dog bite lawyer with a track record of positive results on behalf of people just like you. Our team at Berkowitz Hanna understands the nuances of these cases and can work with you towards a positive resolution.

How Liability Works in Dog Bite Claims

In Shelton, dog owners generally bear strict liability for any injury their dog causes another person or animal regardless of whether they had prior knowledge that their dog had vicious or dangerous tendencies. This is different from how cases of this nature proceed in many other states, where dog owners can sometimes avoid strict liability the first time their dog bites someone.

There are, however, some key exceptions to this strict liability rule, all of which are addressed under Connecticut General Statutes §22-357. Most notably, strict liability for dog bites does not apply in situations where the injured person was trespassing on the owner’s property at the time of the attack, or where they were taunting, tormenting, or otherwise provoking the dog.

Additionally, if a dog assigned to a law enforcement officer for police work bites and injures another person, an injured individual trying to file suit would have the burden of proving that the individual in question was the dog’s keeper and had exclusive responsibility to ensure it was under control at the time of the attack. A Shelton dog attack attorney could provide more specific information about how state law addresses claims like this during an initial consultation.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable After an Animal Attack?

If a dog’s owner or handler is found legally liable for injuries caused by that animal, they may be held financially accountable for all forms of harm the injured plaintiff sustained. On the economic side of things, a comprehensive case could demand restitution for emergency medical treatment costs as well as future expenses for rehabilitative care, lost work income, lost earning capacity, and costs of replacing or repairing damaged property.

Non-economic damages in claims of this nature may include lost consortium, lost quality/enjoyment of life, physical pain, and psychological/emotional trauma. A dog bite lawyer in Shelton could clarify on a case-by-case basis what damages might be available based on a particular plaintiff’s circumstances.

Talk to a Shelton Dog Bite Attorney About Legal Options

For numerous reasons, dog bite injuries can make for uniquely complex civil litigation in the state of Connecticut. Even if a dog owner bears strict liability for the harm you sustained, successfully recovering for every short-term and long-term effect of your injuries can be next to impossible without guidance from an experienced attorney.

The help you may need is available from a compassionate and dependable Shelton dog bite lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna. Schedule a free consultation today.