Shelton Demolition Accident Lawyer

Building demolition is no more dangerous than other construction work when done correctly and with appropriate safety procedures. However, if someone makes a mistake on the job, fails to follow safety rules, or does not provide proper protective equipment as a site overseer, accidents become much more likely to happen. Construction site accidents can be devastating, leading to severe or life-threatening injuries.

If you have been in a demolition accident, you may have grounds to file suit over your injuries with help from a Shelton demolition accident lawyer. If it is proven that a third party other than your employer caused your injury through reckless or careless behavior, you can hold them financially accountable for the harm you have and will suffer due to the incident.

Is It Always Possible to Sue Over a Demolition Accident?

Connecticut requires every company with at least one full-time or part-time employee to provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage to all their staff. Workers’ comp insurance gives employers immunity from civil liability for workplace injuries. Because of this, it is generally not possible for an injured worker to sue their employer directly over an accident that occurred on-site.

However, anyone not covered by workers’ comp (e.g, an independent contractor,  visitor, or passerby) who gets hurt in a demolition accident may be able to file suit against the site operator or owner based on their reckless or careless misconduct. Furthermore, a Shelton demolition injury attorney can help pursue litigation against a manufacturer, supplier, contract worker, or other third party who causes an accident through negligence, regardless of whether the injured person has workers’ comp coverage.

Deadlines for Taking Legal Action

A demolition accident lawsuit is subject to the same rules and restrictions as most other standard personal injury claims. There is a strict filing deadline for when an injured person has to formally begin the litigation process. Under Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584, this deadline is two years after the incident or, in rare cases, when a person discovers they were injured.

An attorney needs time to thoroughly investigate the causes of an accident during building demolition, especially one involving a partial or total structural collapse. This makes it vital to get help from a seasoned lawyer immediately after suffering a demolition-related injury in Shelton, so they have sufficient time to collect necessary evidence and construct a comprehensive claim for compensation.

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Demolition work may be physically demanding, but that does not mean you must accept unsafe operating conditions. If someone else’s negligence caused you to get hurt while working on, visiting, or passing near a destruction site, you may be able to demand civil restitution from at-fault parties for your injuries and losses.

Working closely with a Shelton demolition accident lawyer can improve your chances of achieving a positive case result without piling too much additional stress on you and your family. Call Berkowitz Hanna today to discuss your options.