Shelton Crane Accident Lawyer

While cranes are vital in most modern construction projects, they can also be extremely dangerous if they are not kept in good working order and operated only by trained professionals. Even a small mistake or mechanical defect could lead to an accident with life-altering repercussions for everyone involved. When incidents like this happen, figuring out who is legally liable for it can be a deceptively complicated task.

If you have been hurt in any kind of accident involving a construction crane, you should make it a priority to contact a Shelton crane accident lawyer and discuss your legal options. Whether you were working on-site, visiting, or just passing by at exactly the wrong time, your dedicated construction accident attorney can work tirelessly on your behalf to enforce your right to recovery and get you paid fairly for your injuries and losses.

Establishing Third-Party Liability for a Crane Injury

As is the case with virtually any other type of accident leading to a personal injury, the legal theory of “negligence” will be the basis for just about any successful lawsuit or settlement demand over a crane accident in Shelton. In brief, someone is negligent if they violate a “duty of care” owed to someone else, causing an otherwise avoidable accident involving that person, and that person then suffers serious injuries. When someone is negligent, they are liable to pay for specific compensable losses caused by their actions.

Broadly speaking, workers on construction sites have a duty to follow all safety rules and procedures while also looking out for other people both on or near the worksite. Likewise, construction companies are expected to provide reasonably safe working conditions for all on-site workers, as well as adequate training and protective equipment for workers given specialized tasks like crane operation. 

Third parties like contractors, suppliers, and equipment manufacturers may also hold liability if their misconduct directly leads to a crane accident. A Shelton attorney can work to identify who is to blame for a crane incident and take proactive legal action against them.

What Deadlines Apply to Crane Accident Cases?

While workers’ comp claims for construction accidents typically have effective filing deadlines of a few weeks after the accident actually happens, slightly longer deadlines apply to civil claims over these sorts of incidents. Specifically, Connecticut General Statutes §52-584 generally gives people two years at most after initially getting hurt or discovering that they were hurt through someone else’s negligence—up to a maximum of three years after the negligent act actually occurred—to file suit over their injuries.

Understanding these legal deadlines can be tricky without legal help. Anyone who suspects they might have a case should consult with a Shelton crane accident attorney to get more information.

Schedule Your Free Consultation With a Shelton Crane Accident Attorney

No matter how it happens or who specifically is to blame for it happening, getting caught up in a crane accident is invariably a traumatic experience and often a life-altering one as well. That said, the process of filing suit over injuries you suffered in an incident like this does not necessarily need to be stressful all on its own, or something that you need to handle all by yourself.

Assistance is available from a seasoned Shelton crane accident lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna. Call today to discuss your options.