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Umbilical Cord Problems Leading to HIE

12 October 2020

Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) is a potentially serious brain disorder that results from a fetus receiving an inadequate supply of oxygen during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. A full and steady supply of oxygen is essential for the brain’s development; and, if a fetus’s oxygen supply is disrupted even for a relatively […]

Russ Berkowitz

Russ Berkowitz Achieves Recertification As Civil Trial Advocate

06 October 2020

The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is pleased to announce that Russell Berkowitz of the law firm, Berkowitz and Hanna, LLC has successfully achieved recertification as a civil trial advocate. The NBTA was formed out of a strong conviction that both the law profession and its clients would benefit […]

What Is the Most Severe Form of Cerebral Palsy?

06 October 2020

Learning that your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy can be devastating. When you are expecting, all you want is to have a healthy child who has a lifetime of opportunities, and a cerebral palsy diagnosis can take it all away. While being diagnosed with any form of cerebral […]

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How Pre-Existing Conditions Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

27 September 2020

A pre-existing injury can affect the value of your personal injury claim in different ways. Depending on the circumstances: (i) it can make your claim more difficult to win; (ii) it can render it more difficult to assess the value of your claim; (iii) it can lower the value of […]

Surgical Complications Due to Medical Negligence

19 September 2020

Medical negligence can give rise to surgical complications in two different ways: when negligence itself creates a surgical complication, and when an unavoidable surgical complication is not recognized and properly treated due to medical negligence. Surgeons are sued for malpractices at higher rates than the average doctor. In fact, about […]

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Why Are Abnormal Presentations Dangerous for the Fetus?

12 September 2020

During pregnancy, there are several factors that can potentially lead to complications for the mother, the fetus, or both. One of these factors is the fetus’s position in the womb. The most common position – the cephalic position – is also generally considered the safest under most circumstances. Any other […]

Medical malpractice report documents and the stethoscope.

How to Check a Physician for Prior Incidents of Malpractice

27 August 2020

There are several possible ways to find out if your doctor has been the subject of any previous malpractice lawsuits. The most reliable way is to check with the relevant state licensing board. Other ways include checking the Physician Profile at the Department of Public Health, looking up your doctor […]

Russ Berkowitz

Russ Berkowitz Recognized in the 27th Edition of Best Lawyers in America

21 August 2020

Congratulations to Russ Berkowitz who has been recognized in the 27th edition of Best Lawyers in America as one of the top 6% of private practicing attorney in the United States in the fields of personal injury and medical malpractice law. The 2021 edition is based on more than 8 million […]

Can You File a Claim Against the Government for an Auto Accident Injury?

19 August 2020

Yes, you can file a claim against the government for an auto accident injury, provided that you comply with the special conditions applicable to personal injury lawsuits against the government. These conditions depend on whether you are suing the federal government, the state government, or a local government. The Sovereign […]