safe halloween tips

Tips for a Fun, Safe, Halloween Night

Halloween is supposed to be a night of fun, fright, and treats. However, it is also a time where parents and children need to exercise extra caution. On average, more children are struck by vehicles on Halloween night, and that is only one of the risks out there during peak trick-or-treating hours. Therefore, as a … Continued

fall injuries

Most Common Injury Claims Filed in the Fall

Injuries happen daily in the United States. However, some injuries are more common than others, and certain kinds of injuries might occur more frequently, depending on the season. Take fall for example. The weather is cooling down, people are back in school, and the risks are out there. Some of these common injuries in the … Continued

prep football

Concussions Are a Concern in Prep Football

Most parents don’t think twice about signing up their children for prep football. After all, they are just kids and how seriously could they be injured? Prep football helps introduce your child to the sport, gameplay, and allows you to see if they are a fit for it before pursuing a more formal career in … Continued

Kelly Ferraro Awarded $2,300,000.00 on Behalf of Another Retired NFL Player

Kelly Ferraro has been awarded $2,300,000.00 on behalf of another retired NFL player in the NFL brain concussion lawsuit pending in Philadelphia Federal Court. Our client, a 46 year old former offensive lineman who played 8 years in the NFL back in the 1990’s, has a progressive neurological impairment stemming from “countless” concussions that has … Continued


Can Couples Sue for Reproductive Negligence from Fertility Clinics?

Couples desperate to have a baby might find themselves one day relying on the services of a fertility clinic. Fertility clinics are supposed to be staffed with reproductive specialists, obstetricians, and gynecologists all who specialize in helping women become pregnant and remain healthy during their pregnancy. Today, advancements in medical technology make it easier for … Continued

football players

NCAA Concussion Reporting and Player Notification Remains a Work in Progress

Football is notorious for the “tough guy” culture. No one playing college or professional football wants to admit they are hurt. After all, this is their career. In many cases, football players that do report injuries find themselves being replaced and a spot no longer available for them when they are able to return. For … Continued