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How Safe Are Self-Driving Cars?

27 January 2020

37,133 Americans lost their lives to motor vehicle accidents in 2017, down from around 50,000 in 1980. According to the US Department of Transportation, 94 percent of all vehicle accidents are caused by human error rather than, say, mechanical malfunction. Now, a wild card has entered the deck: the self-driving […]

Which Sports Give You the Most Concussions?

19 January 2020

The possibility of a concussion is one of the most important concerns surrounding participation in contact sports. The concern is legitimate – the Brain Injury Research Institute estimates that anywhere from 1.6 million to 3.8 million sports- and recreation-related concussions occur every year in the US. The unanimous consensus is […]

Russ Berkowitz and Jennifer Amdur have filed a lawsuit against Danbury Hospital

19 January 2020

Russ Berkowitz and Jennifer Amdur have filed a lawsuit against Danbury Hospital on behalf of a 41 year old client who has been left partially paralyzed following being discharged from the defendant hospital’s emergency department despite presenting with signs and symptoms of a vertebral dissection, which, ultimately, caused her to […]

Car Accidents and Insurance Company Investigations: What You Need to Know

27 December 2019

In order to protect yourself during the insurance company’s investigation after a car accident, you need to take certain proactive measures while also avoiding costly mistakes. As a claimant, it is up to you to protect your legal rights, and you need to make sure that the insurance company does […]