New Haven Robotic Surgery Malpractice Lawyer

Robotic surgery is an innovative surgical approach that offers many benefits. If performed correctly, robotic surgery allows surgeons to perform complicated medical procedures less invasively. Robot-assisted operations can reduce a patient’s risk of post-surgical complications, such as bleeding and pain. In addition, patients often have faster and easier recovery periods.

While robotic surgery has many benefits, these surgeries sometimes end up causing more harm than good. Some patients end up with significantly worse medical conditions due to botched surgical procedures. You might be entitled to compensation in a surgical malpractice suit if you or your loved one suffered adverse health consequences after a robotic operation. A New Haven robotic surgery malpractice lawyer can help you explore your legal options and hold the at-fault party accountable.

Possible Defendants in a Robot-Assisted Surgery Malpractice Claim

Because robotic surgery technology is so advanced and new, not all doctors know how to use it properly. Hospitals and other medical facilities should provide adequate training on proper use before allowing their medical personnel to operate with surgical robots.

A surgical robot is just a tool that helps a doctor perform an operation; the surgeon is ultimately responsible for what happens during and after the surgery. Healthcare providers who fail to provide proper care before, during, and after robotic surgery can be held legally accountable for injuries that result. Negligent parties might include nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and other providers who make negligent mistakes.

How A Lawyer Can Help

A New Haven robotic surgery malpractice attorney can review a case to determine where the error occurred and identify the potentially liable parties. The team at Berkowitz Hanna works with respected medical experts who can help testify on an injured patient’s behalf. An attorney can also take the lead in valuating damages and building a compensation claim. If the defendants are unwilling to offer a reasonable figure, seasoned attorneys are prepared to fight in court.

Relevant Time Limitations in New Haven Robotic Device Malpractice Claims

Patients do not have unlimited time to pursue malpractice claims. Connecticut law requires patients to file lawsuits within two years of when they suffered the injury due to the malpractice or within two years of discovering the injury.

Although two years might seem like plenty of time, things tend to move quickly after a medical mistake. Memories fade, and evidence becomes more difficult to track down. Working with a knowledgeable local attorney as soon as possible after a robotic surgery injury is critical to securing fair compensation. A lawyer can get to work right away, gathering medical records and speaking with experts to build a strong case.

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Robotic surgeries are exciting and innovative. However, they are not without risk.

When your health is put at risk because of a robot-assisted operation, do not wait to take legal action. The New Haven robotic surgery malpractice lawyers at Berkowitz Hanna will work tirelessly to help you obtain justice for your injuries.

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