New Haven Vasa Previa Lawyer

When you are pregnant, your body undergoes many changes. Most people do not necessarily understand everything that happens to their bodies during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. This is why we rely on the experience and skills of their medical team to look out for problems and ensure that everything goes right.

When a healthcare professional fails to identify a serious pregnancy complication, like vasa previa, infants can suffer dire health consequences. In this situation, you could pursue a medical malpractice claim with the help of a dedicated birth injury attorney. A New Haven vasa previa lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna can help you and your family get the justice you deserve.

What is Vasa Previa?

Vasa previa is a relatively rare yet extremely dangerous pregnancy complication. In a normal pregnancy, the umbilical cord contains and shelters the blood vessels between the fetus and the placenta. With vasa previa, blood vessels from the umbilical cord or placenta move across or near the opening of the mother’s cervix, which is the entrance to the birth canal. The blood vessels are unprotected in this position. If the mother goes into labor and her water breaks, the pressure could also cause the exposed blood vessels to rupture, resulting in extensive bleeding. If a mother with vasa previa delivers vaginally, the fetus’ life could be at risk if the blood vessels burst. The mother could also suffer complications from the blood loss. If doctors intervene and diagnose the condition before the mother goes into labor, the doctors can usually perform a scheduled c-section and save the baby.

When doctors fail to recognize and manage vasa previa, and the baby suffers dire health consequences, that could be malpractice. A knowledgeable attorney can review the actions of a New Haven doctor to determine whether their mistreatment of vasa previa constitutes actionable malpractice.

Diagnosing Vasa Previa

Most expectant mothers with vasa previa do not have any recognizable symptoms during their pregnancies. However, some women have certain conditions or situations that raise their risk of developing the condition. Some of the more common risk factors include the following:

  • Pregnancy with multiples
  • Pregnancy from IVF
  • Prior c-sections
  • Prior uterine surgeries
  • Other placenta issues, such as placenta previa, where the placenta covers all or part of the mother’s cervix
  • Velamentous cord insertion, which occurs when the cord and placenta do not connect properly
  • Bilobed placenta, which happens when a placenta has two different lobes separated by membranes

Doctors can diagnose vasa previa through a transvaginal ultrasound or a pelvic examination. Once they identify the condition, doctors should carefully monitor a pregnancy and schedule a c-section before the patient goes into labor naturally.

Doctors who fail to take these steps could be held legally liable for negligence. The New Haven attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna have extensive experience helping families who have suffered because a healthcare practitioner failed to diagnose and treat vasa previa.

Work With a Skilled New Haven Vasa Previa Attorney

Unfortunately, even if a medical professional identifies vasa previa, there is no cure. There is no magic pill that you can take to make the condition disappear. However, with proper management, a knowledgeable medical team can improve your chances of having a healthy baby.

If you believe your family suffered harm because a medical professional made a mistake in diagnosing or treating vasa previa, get in touch with an attorney right away. An experienced New Haven vasa previa lawyer can help your family get justice for the pain you have suffered.