New Haven Preeclampsia Lawyer

Though the birth process can be difficult, most families at a birth center or hospital can expect to deliver a healthy baby. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies and deliveries go smoothly. Sometimes, the mother experiences serious health complications, such as preeclampsia. Conditions like preeclampsia can pose a risk to both the mother and baby if not caught and successfully treated by doctors.

If your doctors failed to recognize and manage preeclampsia and caused serious harm to you or your infant, speak with a birth injury attorney right away about your legal options. Though no amount of money can make up for the harm done to your child or loved ones, compensation could provide your family with stability moving forward. A compassionate New Haven preeclampsia lawyer is here to support you through the entire legal process.

What is Preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a high blood pressure disorder that usually appears after the midpoint of pregnancy. Preeclampsia is dangerous for a pregnant woman because it can put extra stress on the heart, interfere with liver and kidney functioning, and cause lung problems. The condition also poses risks for unborn babies because it interferes with the blood supply to the placenta.

People with preeclampsia experience high blood pressure and often have protein in their urine. Pregnant women may also experience swelling of feet, hands, and face. Headaches and vision problems, including increased sensitivity to light or blurred vision, may also be symptoms of preeclampsia. Pregnant women should also take note of any abdominal pain and shortness of breath.

Most obstetricians and midwives routinely screen for preeclampsia during every visit with an expecting mother. These tests include checking for any unexpected increases in blood pressure and any signs of protein in the urine. Failure to perform these standard tests and act on their results could constitute malpractice. A skilled preeclampsia attorney could help a New Haven family determine whether a practitioner’s actions constitute malpractice.

How Medical Workers Can Minimize the Dangers of Preeclampsia

Healthcare practitioners should monitor the well-being of all their patients for serious conditions like preeclampsia. Medical practitioners should pay particular attention to people who present with the following factors that increase their risk of developing preeclampsia:

  • First-time pregnancy
  • Pregnancy of twins or higher-order multiples
  • History of preeclampsia in prior pregnancies
  • Family history of preeclampsia
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Significantly overweight or obese
  • History of chronic high blood pressure or other serious health conditions
  • Use of in vitro fertilization

If a patient presents any of the risk factors or symptoms of preeclampsia, their doctors should take immediate action to minimize potential dangers to the mother and baby. This could include increasing patient checkups, sending them home with an at-home blood pressure testing kit, putting them on bed rest, or admitting them to the hospital for observation and treatment.

Medical Negligence May Lead to Eclampsia

In most cases, delivering the baby can help overcome the problems associated with preeclampsia. Most people’s blood pressure and other symptoms resolve shortly after delivery. However, in severe cases, preeclampsia can turn into eclampsia, which involves seizures that may threaten the lives of both the mother and child. Even after delivery, doctors and hospital staff should be diligent about monitoring people’s blood pressure to ensure they are not at risk of eclampsia. When a mother or child suffers harm during a birth in New Haven, a knowledgeable lawyer could evaluate the medical staff’s actions to see if they were negligent in their treatment of preeclampsia.

Fight Back With a New Haven Preeclampsia Attorney

Obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and other medical workers who care for pregnant patients have a legal duty to look out for dangerous complications before, during, and after birth. When a provider fails to diagnose or treat a patient for preeclampsia, the consequences can be tragic.

If your family suffered because a doctor failed to treat preeclampsia properly, you could be entitled to financial compensation. A New Haven preeclampsia lawyer can investigate the circumstances of a birthing complication and help your family fight for justice. Reach out to Berkowitz Hanna today to schedule your free consultation.