Connecticut Premature Labor Lawyer

While various advancements in medical science and technology have increased the chances of babies surviving and thriving after premature birth, going into labor weeks or months early can still be stressful and dangerous for both mother and child. Unfortunately, this kind of scenario sometimes arises due to a healthcare professional’s negligence.

If you went into labor early or if your baby suffered preventable harm during premature delivery, you should speak with a skilled birth injury attorney about civil litigation. If you can prove that the injuries you or your child suffered could have been prevented by proper medical care, a Connecticut premature labor lawyer from Berkowitz Hanna can help you demand comprehensive compensation for every form of harm those injuries will cause your family.

When Is It Possible to Sue Over Premature Labor?

There are causes of premature labor that are outside the direct control of even the most dedicated and qualified physician. Premature labor can occur due to specific types of diseases, infections contracted by the mother, or physical abnormalities in the cervix. However, doctors caring for pregnant women are expected to know of potential factors that may increase a mother’s risk of entering labor prematurely, as well as symptoms a mother may display if she is experiencing premature labor. Symptoms of premature labor may include:

  • Abdominal cramps, particular in the lower abdomen
  • Dull or tight pain in the lower back
  • Vaginal discharge or bleeding
  • Frequent uterine contractions or a sensation of pressure in the pelvis or vagina
  • Reduced fetal movement

While doctors may not always be able to prevent premature labor, they must take quick and decisive action to treat it appropriately once it begins. A physician who fails to meet the applicable standard of care and allows a mother or child to suffer a preventable injury during premature labor may hold civil liability for that injury under Connecticut law, as a knowledgeable attorney can further explain.

Recovering for Short-Term and Long-Term Losses

No amount of money can erase the physical and psychological trauma that premature labor can cause, especially if it leads to a mother or her baby sustaining life-altering or life-threatening harm. What civil restitution can do in a situation like this, though, is address specific economic and non-economic forms of harm that a doctor’s negligence has caused and help improve overall quality of life for the people impacted by that negligence.

A premature labor claimant in Connecticut can seek reimbursement for the costs of all medical care necessitated by the doctor’s negligence, as well as expected future losses like long-term medical bills, lost working and earning capacity, and costs of things like wheelchairs and in-home care. A compassionate lawyer can also help demand restitution for more subjective forms of harm like lost enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and physical pain.

Contact a Connecticut Premature Labor Attorney for Help

Premature labor may not be avoidable in every situation, but anyone who ends up experiencing premature labor deserves excellent care from any healthcare provider they work with. If you did not receive the high-quality care you deserved and you or your child were injured as a result, you may have grounds to take legal action against anyone who played a role in harming your family.

You have help available from the seasoned Connecticut premature labor lawyers at Berkowitz Hanna. Call today to learn more and schedule a free consultation.