Connecticut Infant Jaundice Malpractice Lawsuits

Jaundice is a common diagnosis among newborns, and it is considered to be easily treatable in most cases. Treatment might be straightforward, but the failure to diagnose or treat this condition could have life-altering consequences.

If your newborn is living with the consequences of untreated jaundice, you could be entitled to financial compensation. You have the right to pursue a civil case against the medical professional that failed to adequately treat your child. Let a skilled birth injury attorney at Berkowitz Hanna advise you on Connecticut infant jaundice malpractice lawsuits.

Long-term Risks Associated with Untreated Jaundice

For most newborns, jaundice is little more than the yellowing of the skin that results from having too much bilirubin in their blood. Bilirubin is a type of waste product in the body that the liver processes. Not all newborns have the capacity to break down bilirubin at the pace needed to avoid a buildup. Thankfully, minor treatments can help newborns break down any left-over bilirubin and avoid any health issues.

Even though jaundice is simple to recognize and treat, medical professionals will not always do so. The end result of this failure to treat jaundice could be a number of serious health issues targeting the baby’s brain. Some symptoms of untreated jaundice include:

  • Fatigue
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Deafness
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Seizures

Any of these conditions could serve as the basis for an infant jaundice malpractice lawsuit in Connecticut. Anyone who suspects their infant is suffering from untreated jaundice should consult with a lawyer as quickly as possible to move forward with their legal options.

Pursuing a Jaundice Malpractice Suit in Connecticut

When a medical provider’s negligent actions result in untreated jaundice, legal action can be taken to hold them responsible. To do this, it is necessary to establish that the effects of jaundice only occurred because of a provider’s failure to uphold the standard of care. Some of the examples of how malpractice could result in jaundice complications include the failure to diagnose or treat the conditions. Doctors that fail to adequately monitor a newborn’s bilirubin levels could also face liability in these cases.

There are different parties that could be responsible for a jaundice-related malpractice claim. Most of the time, these lawsuits target the doctors that oversee a newborn’s health following their birth. However, nurses also have a duty to ensure newborns receive the treatment they need for jaundice. Even the hospital itself could face liability if a records mix-up causes jaundice complications.

Damages in an Infant Jaundice Malpractice Lawsuit

A successful civil lawsuit could provide financial compensation for an infant dealing with jaundice complications. This compensation could provide not only for the child’s immediate needs but also for their long-term requirements as well.

Often, medical expenses will make up a large part of these claims. A Connecticut attorney can assist with establishing the losses in an infant jaundice malpractice suit and calculating a fair damages award.

Talk to a Connecticut Attorney About Your Jaundice Malpractice Case

Pursuing a lawsuit on behalf of your newborn following jaundice-related complications can be stressful for any parent. It is important to take legal action as quickly as possible, as a lawsuit could get your child the help they need, both now and in the future. Allow a skilled attorney at Berkowitz to assist you with your Connecticut infant jaundice malpractice lawsuit. Give us a call today to get started.