Connecticut Fetal Acidosis Lawyer

Fetal acidosis is a condition that occurs in the womb and can harm the unborn infant. It sometimes occurs when the fetus is developing, but more often, it results when a medical professional mishandles a birth.

Fetal acidosis can cause significant injuries that might have a permanent impact on a child’s development. If you suspect that a medical provider’s negligence caused your child to suffer unnecessarily from fetal acidosis, give our birth injury attorneys a call. A dedicated Connecticut fetal acidosis lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

What Causes Fetal Acidosis?

When a fetus is developing, the mother’s placenta delivers oxygen through the umbilical cord and removes carbon dioxide in the same manner. If anything interferes with this gas exchange, the fetus could be deprived of oxygen, and their blood could become acidic. Acidic blood is harmful to the baby and could cause lifelong consequences and even fetal death.

Sometimes, the mother’s placenta does not develop properly, which can lead to fetal acidosis. A critical incident like a placental abruption or ruptured uterus could also cause this condition. Issues at birth that cut off the oxygen supply to the baby, such as an obstructed delivery, damage to or compression of the umbilical cord, or misuse of labor-inducing drugs, can also lead to fetal acidosis.

Many cases of fetal acidosis are preventable with appropriate care. A Connecticut attorney could review a mother’s medical records to determine whether lapses in medical judgement or substandard care led to their child developing fetal acidosis.

Consequences of Fetal Acidosis

Elevated levels of acid in a fetus’ blood for a significant period can have lifelong consequences. Blood becomes acidic when it receives insufficient oxygen, and the child’s organs, especially the brain, suffer damage when deprived of oxygen.

Babies with fetal acidosis often develop into children with neurological problems. Cerebral palsy is a common result of fetal acidosis. Mild cases of cerebral palsy can cause problems with motor coordination. Severe cerebral palsy can lead to complete or near complete lack of muscle control, blindness, deafness, and significant intellectual impairment.

Other conditions could also result from fetal acidosis. Epilepsy and seizure disorders, bleeding in the brain, and developmental delays are associated with fetal acidosis. A Connecticut fetal acidosis attorney could catalog all a child’s impairments and seek fair compensation for the child’s injuries and diminished quality of life.

Proving Malpractice in Fetal Acidosis Cases

Children with birth injuries often need substantial care and may require significant educational and emotional support throughout childhood. Some children with permanent disabilities may never be able to live independently or support themselves. Parents can bring a lawsuit against negligent healthcare providers to obtain the compensation necessary to properly care for their injured child and ensure their financial security.

A parent seeking compensation for their child’s injury must prove that a medical provider did not adhere to the appropriate standard of care when treating the mother and child and that the failure is the direct cause of the injury. Negligent actions related to fetal acidosis can include:

  • Miscalculating the baby’s size and its position in the uterus
  • Failing to diagnose a mother’s preeclampsia or hypotension
  • Compressing the umbilical cord
  • Delay in recognizing fetal distress
  • Misuse of labor-inducing drugs
  • Delay in performing a Caesarian section
  • Failing to promptly test and treat the baby for elevated acid levels

These are just several of the most common ways a healthcare professional’s failure could lead to fetal acidosis; a Connecticut attorney would consult medical experts to determine whether other actions or inactions contributed to the baby’s condition.

Contact a Connecticut Attorney to Pursue Compensation for Fetal Acidosis Injuries

Fetal acidosis is usually preventable with proper medical care. When poor care results in injuries to the baby, parents can file a lawsuit seeking compensation.

The Connecticut fetal acidosis lawyers at Berkowitz Hanna understand the condition and its consequences. We can prepare a robust case and secure the compensation you need to provide your child with proper care. Reach out today to speak with a caring attorney about your potential case.