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Top Reasons Why Physicians are Sued for Malpractice: Not the Reasons You May Think

Written by Berkowitz

medical malpractice reasonsNo one expects his or her physician to be 100 percent perfect, but one does expect a reasonable amount of caution and care from a medical professional. Individuals also expect the physician to be honest, communicate well, and care about the outcome of treatments performed or prescribed. Most importantly, patients seek the assistance of a physician to help make them feel better – not worse.

Unfortunately, thousands of patients in the United States suffer from serious injury or death because of inadequate care. The number of malpractice claims in the country continue to climb, but the reasons for those lawsuits are not what you might think.

Why are Doctors Sued for Malpractice?

You may assume that a physician committed an extreme error, which led to a physician’s lawsuit. But, the biggest reasons behind why physicians are sued may surprise you – and they include:

  1. Poor bedside manner. A physician whom a patient likes is less likely to be sued than a physician with poor bedside manner. When doctors treat their patients like human beings – communicating with them, caring about them, and even making eye contact while speaking to them – they are liked by their patients. Even if an error occurs, these doctors are less likely to be sued because their patients forgive them, and give them the opportunity to correct the error.
  2. Failure to set the patient’s expectations properly. Patients are not medical professionals; therefore, they may have unrealistic expectations when it comes to their treatment outcome. Some may feel that their physician is wrong or committed an error not because he or she did, but because the patient didn’t understand the proper outcome.
  3. Lack of informed consent. When physicians make decisions about a patient’s’ treatment, they need to take time to ensure that their patient understands the process, risks and benefits, and the expected outcome. When a patient is not properly informed and consents to a treatment that does not work, he or she may become resentful, and be more likely to sue that physician.
  4. Poor documentation or inaccurate paperwork. Physicians need to keep proper records of their patients – including treatments, and even suggestions made during a routine office visit. When things are not documented properly, the physician is not protected.
  5. Communication. Most importantly, physicians often fail to communicate or listen to their patients’ concerns – which increases the likelihood for prescription errors, misdiagnosis, and more.

Were You Injured by Your Physician? Contact a Medical Malpractice Attorney Right Away

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