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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Reports On Latest WWE Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed By Widow Of Former Wrestling Star "Big Daddy V"

Written by Berkowitz


Berkowitz and Hanna LLC reports on the latest in a string of wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits against World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE). Cassandra Frazier, widow of former WWE star Nelson Frazier Jr. (“Big Daddy V”), recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against WWE – with a long list of claims, including: negligence, negligent misrepresentation, intentional misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, vicarious liability, fraud by omission or failure to warn, punitive damages, wrongful death, and loss of consortium by herself.

In her lawsuit, Mrs. Frazier alleges that WWE’s wrongful conduct caused her husband to suffer concussions and “serious, permanent, and disabling injuries” throughout his WWE career. The widow is accusing WWE of “withholding both medical information about Nelson and improperly warning talents of the risk involved in being a WWE performer.” She further claims that he “sustained serious longterm brain damage from his WWE career” and that his “broken spirit and body left him virtually penniless, and he was forced to pay cash for medical services in the months before his death.”

In recent years, WWE has been hit with a number of multi-million dollar personal injury lawsuits by former wrestlers, notes Berkowitz and Hanna LLC. Most, if not all, cite neurological trauma and brain damage as their main injury.

Note: Berkowitz and Hanna LLC did not represent any of the parties in this case.