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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Looks At Local Hispanic Student’s Conversation With Obama

Written by Berkowitz

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC was impressed to read in the Hartford Courant that when President Obama came to Connecticut this year, he took the time to talk to six young immigrants about how his immigration policy is impacting their lives. One, Maria Praeli, is a junior at Quinnipiac University who came to Connecticut from Peru when she was five years old.

Praeli le contó al Presidente como las nuevas pólizas la han ayudado a prosperar y desarrollarse para poder conseguir empleo, algo que le ha levantado mucho su confianza en sí misma. Before the changes—which allow undocumented immigrants who entered the country before their 16th birthday and before June of 2007 to obtain renewable two-year work permits, driver’s licenses and exemptions from deportation—she was “always ashamed of my status, very fearful,” she said.

Aunque las nuevas pólizas no proporcionan una vía a la ciudadanía, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC constata que la educación y el acceso a ciertos privilegios, como conducir un auto, ayudarán a inmigrantes a lograr éxito en los EE.UU. They will be less likely to be pushed to the margins and fall victim to things like medical malpracticeelder abuse and personal injurycaused by machinery, defective products, auto accidents and other preventable causes.

Image by Anna via  Flickr.com