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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Follows Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed On Behalf Of Late UA Athletic Director Mal Moore

Written by Berkowitz

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Berkowitz and Hanna LLC has represented clients in wrongful death lawsuits in which an individual’s death may be linked to a medication that is defective or has dangerous side effects. With these cases, the drug manufacturer can be held partially or fully responsible.

Recently the firm came across a wrongful death suit filed by Heather Moore Cook, daughter of the late University of Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore, against Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Par Pharmaceuticals Inc. According to WFSA, the lawsuit claims that Cook’s father “suffered severe and debilitating injuries to his pulmonary system” while taking amiodarone, a generic form of the drug Cordarone, and that it “result[ed] in his slow and painful death.”

The suit alleges that Moore’s death was “directly and proximately caused” by Wyeth’s “long term off label and other promotional and marketing activities associated with the sale of amiodarone and failing to adequately inform physicians of the potential dangers…” It also cites “failure to provide up to date and required labeling” along with Medication Guides that the FDA requires be given to patients.

Cook’s suit says her father was prescribed a 90-day supply of the drug in spring of 2012 and he soon started experiencing various symptoms that would have been outlined in the Medication Guide. His condition continued to decline. In early 2013, he stepped down from being UA Athletic Director due to health reasons and died on March 30 while waiting for a lung transplant.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, any possible interest, attorneys’ fees and a jury trial. The firm will monitor its progression.

Please note: We do not represent any of the parties in this case. 

Photo via Wikimedia