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Berkowitz Hanna Examines Birth Trauma Injuries 

Written by Berkowitz

For every 1000 babies born in the United States each year, approximately 27 babies sustain birth trauma injuries. In many cases, birth injuries are preventable by the healthcare provider.  Berkowitz and Hanna LLC has litigated many cases involving instances of negligence and medical malpractice on the part of a doctor, nurse, midwife, anesthesiologist and/or hospital personnel.

In a recent Maryland case, a family was awarded $1.7M in a negligence lawsuit against the University of Maryland Medical Center for causing a birth trauma injury. In December 2011, doctors at the medical center induced labor on Uriah Evans.  During her delivery, the newborn’s left shoulder became lodged and, according to the lawsuit, this was due to the doctors’ failure to use proper and appropriate birthing techniques. Consequently, the baby girl sustained a “catastrophic injury” to her left arm and shoulder resulting in permanent partial paralysis. On September 5th, the jury originally awarded Evans $3M, which was later reduced to $1.7M due to a calculation error.

Birth-related harm can range from mild injuries to severe birth trauma such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries and fractures. These may result from errors including inappropriate choice of delivery method, lack of oxygen, or giving the mother the wrong medication. According to the latest National Healthcare Quality Report , significantly more birth injuries occur in large hospitals (>300beds), than in the smaller hospitals (< 100 beds).

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC knows very well the challenges faced by families who have endured a birth injury, and has the experience to ensure that they receive the compensation they deserve.

Note: Berkowitz and Hanna LLC did not represent any of the parties in this case.