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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Comments On Las Vegas Urologist Facing Malpractice Suit

Written by Berkowitz

berkowitz law medical malpracticeAt Berkowitz and Hanna LLC, the firm’s medical malpractice lawyers know from representing patients and/or their families that negligent medical care can result in a patient’s permanent injury or death.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported on a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against a urologist by the widow of his patient, the late Edward Mulick. The lawsuit claims Dr. Michael Kaplan “fell below the standard of care in his treatment” and his conduct caused Mulick “to incur unnecessary medical treatment, which ultimately led to Mulick’s premature death.”

In February 2014, Kaplan was examining Mulick for treatment of a urinary condition. Various catheters were placed in Mulick’s bladder, and later during a surgical procedure, a bladder perforation and a bladder tumor were found. According to the lawsuit, Mulick’s heart stopped—he was resuscitated—and he developed renal failure. He remained in critical condition until his death, which was ruled as being caused by complications of the bladder perforation.

In an unrelated criminal case, Kaplan was convicted last September over the reuse of needle guides meant for single using during prostate procedures.  Prosecutors said that he ignored warning labels on needle guide packages prohibiting reuse; patients were not told about this.

The firm knows that the outcome of this lawsuit will depend on whether the finders of fact determine Dr. Kaplan fell below the standard of care required in these circumstances. The firm will continue to monitor this case.

Please note: We do not represent any of the parties in this case.

Photo by Windell Oskay via Flickr.com