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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Comes Across Cancer Misdiagnosis Case

cancer patient

Particularly with cancer, an untimely or missed medical diagnosis of the disease can impact the course of a patient’s condition and treatment. As a leading medical malpractice firm, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC knows that cancer misdiagnoses can result from many different circumstances.

One common situation is when a physician does not pay attention to a patient’s concerns or does not refer to the patient to a specialist. The firm came across such a case in an Associated Press story about a jury awarding an Oahu man $5.62 million for a cancer misdiagnosis. The plaintiff, Jeff Kim, sued Straub Clinic & Hospital for not detecting a cancerous tumor in his mouth.

In 2008, Kim went to see an ear, nose and throat doctor at the hospital due to a pain in his mouth—fearing it was cancer. Kim’s attorney alleged that the doctor did not fully diagnose his client’s symptoms before Kim was discharged. Furthermore, Kim was not given a readily available medical test, which would have detected this cancer. The article also reported that a tumor in Kim’s mouth had greatly enlarged before the cancer was found in 2011. Kim had to undergo numerous surgeries to remove the cancer from his mouth and jaw and reconstruct his face.

In representing cancer misdiagnosis lawsuits, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC experts can help victims who suffered physically, emotionally and financially as a result.

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC did not represent any of the parties in this case.

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