Stamford Demolition Accident Lawyer

Just like any other type of construction project, the process of demolishing or deconstructing a large building can be extremely dangerous if it is not done carefully and in line with established safety practices. Unfortunately, it is far from uncommon for construction companies to cut corners when it comes to safety precautions on worksites, and that sometimes leads to workers suffering serious injuries that could have been prevented if everyone around them had acted responsibly.

Taking effective legal action over an injury you suffered during demolition work can be complicated, especially if you try to do it without guidance from an experienced construction injury attorney. With a skilled Stamford demolition accident lawyer from Berkowitz Hanna on your side, you can pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

Who Could Be Liable for a Demolition Accident?

Establishing civil liability for a demolition injury in Stamford entails proving that the accident that caused the injury would likely not have happened at all if the defendant(s) named in the civil claim had not acted negligently. Depending on the circumstances, legally actionable negligence can be something as simple as another worker accidentally dropping a tool that fell onto another worker below them, or something as dramatic as misplaced demolition charges leading to an uncontrolled and catastrophic accident.

With that in mind, there are various people who could hold partial fault in legal terms for a serious accident during demolition work, including:

  • An individual contract worker
  • A third-party company which produced unqualified and/or untrained workers
  • A third-party manufacturer that provided faulty tools, machinery, and/or materials
  • An employer who failed to provide proper safety gear and/or enforce on-site safety rules for contract workers

As a Stamford demolition accident attorney can explain, though, it is generally not possible for an injured worker to sue their employer directly over a workplace injury if that employer also provides them with workers’ compensation coverage, even if the injury stemmed directly and entirely from that employer’s negligence. An attorney can explain what other filing options are available.

How Legal Counsel Could Help with a Demolition Injury

Accidents during demolition projects rarely have just one cause or just one person at fault, which means building a strong civil claim over this type of incident can require months of investigation into how the accident happened and how it potentially could have been prevented. This is one of many things a seasoned demolition accident lawyer in Stamford can provide vital assistance with, alongside identifying and estimating fair values for long-term losses an injury can be expected to cause in the future.

On top of that, legal representation can be key to fending off arguments from defendants that an injured plaintiff shares in the fault for causing their own injuries, cross-examining evidence presented by those people in their own defense, and helping build the strongest possible case within filing deadlines. Put simply, a qualified legal professional’s help will be all but essential to getting the best possible outcome from this type of claim.

Get in Touch with a Stamford Demolition Accident Attorney

A single reckless or careless act while performing demolition work can have devastating consequences. Holding someone legally liable for the effects their misconduct has had on your life can be a time-consuming and legally confusing process, particularly if you have little to no past experience navigating the ins and outs of Connecticut personal injury law.

Fortunately, you have assistance available from a dedicated Stamford demolition accident lawyer with a track record of success. Call Berkowitz Hanna today to set up your free initial consultation.