Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Shelton

Given that a tractor-trailer can outweigh the average commuter car by at least 15 tons, any type of collision between the two is likely to result in serious harm to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. Wrecks that involve the front of a semi-truck colliding directly with the side of a commuter car tend to cause more severe injuries, particularly when they happen at a high rate of speed.

If you were recently hurt in a side-impact truck accident in Shelton caused by a truck driver’s negligent driving, you have grounds to take legal action against them, their employer, and any other parties who hold civil liability for your injuries. To give yourself the best chance of getting a favorable case result, though, you will need help from the skilled truck accident lawyers at Berkowitz Hanna.

Recovering Short- and Long-Term Damages

Whenever a driver causes a traffic accident directly by being reckless, careless, or doing something illegal behind the wheel, they—or their insurance provider—can be held financially accountable for every form of harm the wreck has caused and will cause in the future. It is possible to sue for various economic damages with objective financial values if they have not already been covered under another insurance policy, including things like future medical bills, lost work income/working capacity, and personal property damage.

It is also important to account for various non-economic damages like physical pain, psychological suffering, and lost quality of life caused by a serious traffic accident. After a side-impact collision with a truck in Shelton, guidance from a seasoned legal professional is essential to identifying all recoverable damages and assigning fair financial values to more subjective ones.

Getting Around Legal Obstacles to Recovery

Legal counsel can help navigate any procedural roadblocks during the litigation process that might otherwise keep a truck crash victim from recovering fully and fairly from their injuries.

Statute of Limitations

There are strict filing deadlines set by state law for starting a personal injury lawsuit of any kind, and building a strong claim within that filing period can be difficult without support from a capable lawyer.

Comparative Fault Laws

The team at Berkowitz Hanna can also assist with fighting allegations of comparative fault—in other words, accusations that an injured person’s irresponsible driving was partially or primarily the cause of a side-impact truck wreck in Shelton. Otherwise, Connecticut law could allow a court to reduce the total compensation available to them or even deny them compensation altogether based on their share of total fault for the incident.

Work with a Shelton Attorney on Your Side-Impact Truck Accident Claim

Being T-boned or sideswiped by a semi-truck is a frightening and often life-altering experience. While no one deserves to go through this sort of experience or suffer serious physical harm, it is vital to be proactive in the aftermath of a side-impact truck accident in Shelton. The legal action you take now could determine your long-term quality of life.

A truck accident lawyer from Berkowitz Hanna will be your dependable and irreplaceable ally throughout your legal proceedings. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.