Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Shelton

When a careless trucker’s actions threaten your life and cause a senseless and dangerous crash, you may be able to sue them by leveraging Connecticut’s personal injury laws. You could qualify to receive much-needed financial relief to address your losses, such as the pain of living with an injury, costly medical treatments, and missed wages while you are healing. Work with a knowledgeable lawyer who has the resources and training to locate and use vital evidence you can present to support your case in court.

The Berkowitz Hanna team has helped countless people and their families pick up the pieces after blind-spot truck accidents in Shelton threatened to uproot their lives. We understand the incredible losses you and your loved ones may be enduring because of the incident, including a dizzying number of medical treatments, having to use your savings to cover a loss of income, and immense car repair costs. Our truck crash lawyers deeply care about connecting those who are hurting with the resources—like fair compensation—they are entitled to under the law.

Reasons Why a Semi May Hit Someone Who Is in Their Blind Spot

Because a commercial truck is so large and has multiple parts to it, truck drivers have elongated blind spots on both sides of their vehicle, and one in front and behind. In contrast with a passenger car, which may have special side mirrors to help see hazards, a big rig may not have a way of completely identifying if another motorist or person is in their path before they make a turn. As such, truckers should take extra care when changing lanes or direction by using their blinker and allowing other vehicles to clear out before the truck makes a move.

When a person operating a semi fails to take these steps on the highway or road, they put others at risk of getting seriously hurt when the bulky auto smashes into them. Likewise, someone driving a passenger car should try to give these industrial vehicles extra space when they are driving behind them and refrain from trying to pass them before they make a turn.

The costs of a blind-spot collision in Shelton can be expensive, potentially resulting in thousands of dollars in physical damage to someone’s body and property, as well as thousands more in missed income. Even so, the invisible losses they experience—such as not being able to engage in enriching activities like painting, fishing, or going on walks with their dog because of high pain levels—may be even more challenging to undergo. While a compensation package cannot undo the harm done, it can provide some measure of relief, so the casualty can focus on healing emotionally, physically, and financially after the trauma they have gone through.

Pursuing Legal Action After a Blind-Spot Semi Accident

Those hurt in a wreck with a commercial truck have the right to demand justice from the driver or company responsible for their losses. Many injured people initially seek compensation by filing a claim with their insurance provider or with the insurer that covers the vehicle they were in when the wreck occurred. Before signing any settlement offers from an insurance company, it is best to consult a seasoned lawyer in Shelton who can review the blind-spot truck crash offer to see if it is fair and reasonable.

If the injured person is unable to negotiate a comprehensive financial agreement with the insurer and at-fault driver, taking the matter to court may be necessary. The filing deadlines—outlined in Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584—explain how long someone has to take this action. Because there are numerous exceptions that may apply, the person who was injured would benefit from talking with a lawyer to determine what applies in their situation, even if they think the deadline has passed. An attorney can also help make sense the contributory negligence rules—found in Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-572h—and how they might apply to the person’s compensation package.

Call a Shelton Attorney After a Blind-Spot-Related Collision With a Semi

When a crash with a commercial truck puts you in the hospital and forces you to dip into your savings to try to cover your medical and car repair bills, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver or their employer. Many victims of blind-spot truck accidents in Shelton have trusted the devoted team at Berkowitz Hanna to help guide them through their legal options after a collision upends their life.

Contact our firm today to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your options. We are here to listen to your concerns, and we can use our deep knowledge of Connecticut’s personal injury laws to craft a responsive legal strategy.