Shelton Military Hospital Malpractice Lawyer

Service members who protect this country honorably deserve fair treatment, especially for injuries and illnesses that are related to their service. When they visit a military hospital, they should receive quality care from a competent medical staff. Unfortunately, mistakes occasionally occur at military hospitals, just as at civilian medical centers. Medical errors can lead to serious health consequences for veterans and their families. Malpractice claims involving military hospitals are complicated, which is why working with a knowledgeable Shelton military hospital malpractice lawyer is critical.

When a medical mistake in a military hospital leaves you or a loved one hurt, do not hesitate to get in touch with a legal professional. The dedicated hospital malpractice team at Berkowitz Hanna is ready to get to work for you.

Examples of Malpractice at Military Medical Facilities

All healthcare providers occasionally make mistakes. Those errors only amount to actionable malpractice when a medical worker provides treatment or medical advice that does not meet the standard of care for other reasonable medical providers with similar training and education. In other words, it could be malpractice if another reasonable medical provider with a similar background would have acted differently when facing similar circumstances.

Common mistakes that amount to malpractice include the following:

A Shelton attorney can review a specific case and offer knowledgeable guidance on whether the medical mistake rises to the level of actionable military hospital malpractice. A lawyer can hold a negligent provider accountable for mistakes that result in a patient’s illness, injury, or even untimely death.

Pursuing Legal Relief Under the Stayskal Provision

When civilians suffer harm due to a medical mistake, they can generally pursue a private legal claim against the negligent healthcare provider who caused their injury or illness. The legal process is not the same with military personnel. In the past, active-duty service members and their families could not file suit against the military or federal government, even when they suffered harm due to military hospital malpractice. The Feres Doctrine prevented active-duty service members from suing the federal government for illnesses and injuries.

Newer laws give service members more options for filing. The SFC Richard Stayskal Military Medical Accountability Act of 2019 allows service members to file claims against the federal Department of Defense for injuries, illnesses, and deaths resulting from malpractice at military medical facilities. Unlike civilian malpractice claims, these claims are against the federal government, as opposed to the individual government employee who committed the medical error.

Filing a claim under the Stayskal Act can be complicated. Experienced Shelton military hospital malpractice attorneys understand how to follow the correct procedures and build solid claims.

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As a military service member, you deserve access to the best possible medical care. However, sometimes military healthcare workers make errors, which can cause a great deal of physical and emotional harm to service personnel and their families. Fortunately, a Shelton military hospital malpractice lawyer can help you pursue the legal relief you need and deserve.

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