New Haven Heavy Machinery Accident Lawyer

An injury caused by industrial equipment—such as a crane, forklift, table saw, or dump truck—can completely uproot your life, forcing you to step away from work or family matters. If you can prove that the person or business who sold, made, designed, or was using the machinery was to blame for what happened to you, you may qualify to be reimbursed for your losses.

At Berkowitz Hanna, we provide personalized legal services to those who are injured in construction mishaps, as well as other negligent accidents. A New Haven heavy machinery accident lawyer on our team is here to fight for you as you move through the claims process, including helping you prepare for trial, presenting arguments on your behalf, and tracking important deadlines.

Heavy Machinery Injury Examples

Because of machinery’s incredible weight and bulk, it poses a high risk of harm. For example, an improperly parked forklift may run over an unsuspecting person in its path, crushing their leg in the process. Likewise, a crane operator may knock down a power line, which electrocutes someone and causes serious nerve damage. A person backing a dump truck out of a construction site may forget to check if the coast is clear first, teeing up a collision with a car with the right of way, which inflicts a life-altering spinal cord injury on the passenger car driver. When a company fails to perform quality checks on blade guards for a table saw, an unsuspecting user may sever their thumb when trying to use the saw.

In these and other similar situations, the injured person may have a claim against the organization, seller, manufacturer, or other party whose actions caused or contributed to the incident. An attorney in New Haven can provide responsive and timely assistance to someone injured by an accident involving heavy machinery.

What To Do After a Construction Accident

When a customer, bystander, or other person gets hurt because of an incident involving machinery, they may have the right to file suit against those who are responsible. For example, they may sue the careless commercial operator whose distracted driving habits led to a crash that totaled someone else’s passenger vehicle. Because industrial machines are so large and heavy, the amount of damage they can inflict can be quite extensive, potentially causing catastrophic harm to those in their path.

Filing a liability lawsuit against whoever is responsible for what occurred can allow the injured person to access a full and fair damages award that they can use to cover their related expenses. For example, a settlement may encompass the financial fallout of the event—such as taking off multiple shifts from work or paying for life-saving medical treatments—as well as its other, nonquantifiable aspects—such as pain, inconvenience, and suffering.

Depending on the specific type of claim—e.g., car crash—the person is filing, the steps of their case may include filing an insurance claim, sending a demand letter, bringing a lawsuit, and more. These cases are highly nuanced, so it is always ideal to work with a seasoned New Haven heavy machinery accident attorney.

Call Our New Haven Attorneys After an Incident Involving Heavy Machinery

When you are hurt—physically, financially, and emotionally—because of factors outside your control, you may feel a sense of unfairness and frustration over the losses you have to manage. We are here to help.

Berkowitz Hanna is fiercely dedicated to those whose lives have been changed by someone else’s negligence. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with a New Haven heavy machinery accident lawyer.