New Haven Construction Accident Lawyer

When you are in or near a construction zone, you should not have to be on edge at the idea of someone else acting carelessly. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, which, in the case of construction sites, can be incredibly dangerous. When a construction worker makes a negligent mistake, you may be able to sue them for the consequences of their actions. Instead of navigating Connecticut’s personal injury laws without proper legal guidance, though, consider the potential relief you may feel by having a seasoned attorney to guide you.

Berkowitz Hanna zealously and skillfully advocates for those who are adversely impacted by the wrongful actions of others. We proudly serve those throughout Connecticut, helping them to gather the pieces of themselves that were impacted by this event and to begin to rebuild after a terrible incident upended their life. A New Haven construction accident lawyer at our firm can work with you to pursue the compensation you need.

Ways That People Can Get Hurt on or Near a Construction Site

Places where people are building or demolishing structures involve an intricate web of moving parts working together in sync toward a common goal. As they carry out the project, however, they may make mistakes that end up hurting others on or near the job site. For example, if the workers do not properly warn others about hazards—such as chipped or uneven pavement that is being bulldozed—it increases the chance of someone tripping and falling or getting into a collision.

Likewise, if a truck operator who is removing loose materials—such as broken concrete slabs or metal beams—from the job site is drunk, in violation of Connecticut General Statutes § 14-227a, they are more likely to get into a crash. Workers who are responsible for digging holes in the ground may misjudge the space or depth between the ground and nearby pipes or underground cables. As a result, they might inadvertently break a pipe or slice wiring.

Those who are hurt because of the carelessness of those on or near a construction site may benefit from partnering with a New Haven lawyer. An educated advocate can thoroughly investigate the underlying cause of the incident and seek out fair compensation.

Suing After a Construction Accident

Under Connecticut’s personal injury laws, someone who is harmed by another person or institution’s actions—such as a contractor or worker—may qualify to file a lawsuit against them. The amount of time someone has to take this step depends on a host of factors, including the specific accusations they want to make and how much time has passed since the incident occurred.

For example, if the injured person wishes to sue a negligent backhoe driver for ramming into their car, Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-584 and § 52-577 may give them up to three years after the crash to do so. A construction accident attorney in New Haven can be a resource for keeping track of the applicable legal deadlines. A lawyer can also explain what defenses—such as contributory negligence, found in Conn. Gen. Stat. § 52-572h—the opponent may raise and how to appropriately respond.

Berkowitz Hanna: Construction Accident Attorneys New Haven Can Depend On

Sustaining fractures, a concussion, internal organ damage, or other losses because of someone else’s mistakes can be a stressful and limiting situation to be in. Personal injury laws allow you to sue those who harmed you, giving you the space you may need to take in what occurred and providing you with an outlet to voice your sense of injustice. Before you take this step, consider contacting an attorney who can fight for you.

A New Haven construction accident lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna can answer your questions and help give you the direction you are looking for. Contact us today to get started.