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State Fines Doctor for Wrong Eye Surgery

Written by Berkowitz

The Connecticut Medical Examining Board fined a Stamford ophthalmologist $4,500 on Feb. 19 for operating on the wrong eye of a patient with glaucoma.

Dr. Gregory Gallousis operated on the right instead of the left eye, the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) Records show, as reported by the Courant. Dr. Gallousis was supposed to have operated on both eyes, but not on the same day, according to Matthew Antonetti, principal attorney for the Connecticut DPH.

The physician said he would pay the fine when he signed a consent order with the state. The doctor’s offices are on Mill River Street in Stamford.

This is an example of medical negligence that should not occur. In a recent study, authors found that doctors operate on the wrong body part 20 times per week, on average in the U.S. Study results also showed that doctors operate on the wrong patient around 20 times per week as well and that surgeons leave surgical tools and other items such as sponges, towels and scalpels inside patients’ bodies after surgery about 39 times per week.

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