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Family Sues Doctor for Medical Malpractice in Murder-Suicide Case

Written by Berkowitz

The family of a man who killed himself and his wife were awarded $8 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who was accused of failing to diagnose mental health problems.

According to reports, the plaintiff in the lawsuit was the mother of James Morrin, 45. Morrin’s mother filed the lawsuit on behalf of two daughters who were 9 and 15 at the time of their parents’ deaths.

According to the suit, Carl Koplin, a former Tolland doctor, should have recognized and addressed Morrin’s mental health problems after Morrin sought medical attention for depression-related symptoms, including sadness, anxiety, fear and problems with his marriage.

The suit holds Koplin accountable for the death of James and Alice Morrin, arguing that doctors are responsible for helping patients get the right help for mental illness such as severe depression.

This lawsuit sets the bar for medical providers and shows that they are responsible for recognizing and treating mental illness in addition to physical illness. Had Morrin been appropriately treated for severe depression, he and his wife may still be alive to care for their daughters, the suit claims.

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