Danbury da Vinci Surgical Robot Lawsuits

In recent years, medical advancements have helped a lot of patients. Doctors today can cure many illnesses and repair many injuries that would have been life-threatening or fatal not so long ago. Some medical advancements, like the da Vinci surgical system, are supposed to offer patients high-quality medical treatment with fewer risks. However, surgical robotic devices have caused numerous complications resulting in severe injuries and deaths to patients around the country.

If you suffered harm or lost a loved one in a robot-assisted surgery, a Danbury da Vinci surgical robot lawsuit might offer you a chance for justice. The surgical malpractice attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna can help you pursue fair compensation and hold the negligent provider accountable.

How the da Vinci Robotic System Works in Danbury Operating Rooms

The da Vinci device allows surgeons to perform detailed medical procedures less invasively than traditional surgical methods. The surgical team makes a small incision in the patient’s body and inserts the robot. The device has a small camera that transmits video of the procedure to a monitor that the surgeon uses to guide their actions. The surgical robot has four tiny arms which a surgeon controls from outside the patient’s body. The device’s robotic arms can operate in very small areas, allowing surgeons to perform complex surgeries with greater precision and control. The da Vinci system allows a surgeon to reach a patient’s internal organs without requiring large incisions. In theory, with smaller incisions, patients should be able to recover faster and resume their presurgical activities with less time off work. Unfortunately, the surgical device sometimes creates problems for patients.

A knowledgeable legal team can help an injured patient search for answers in an effort to build a solid compensation claim.

Surgical Robots Can Cause Serious Injuries

Patients have reported a wide range of ill effects resulting from robotic surgeries, including internal burns, excessive internal bleeding from lacerations or punctures, and infections. Some patients need to undergo invasive revision surgery to repair their injuries. Instead of a quick, seamless recovery period, some patients face painful and lengthy recuperations.

Some robotic surgery injuries occur because of the surgeon or medical team’s inexperience with the da Vinci system. Doctors and their staff need training in how to operate robotic arms correctly and safely. Before performing solo operations on their own patients, surgeons also need to practice their techniques while being observed by experienced doctors. When they do not receive training and sufficient practice, doctors can make careless errors, resulting in serious injuries to patients.

Other injuries happen because of the device itself. Some da Vinci robots malfunction, resulting in uncontrollable movements, while others break, leaving parts in a patient’s body. Regardless of how a patient’s injury occurred, a dedicated legal team can help by examining the evidence and gathering proof of liability. Providers who are negligent in their operation of a da Vinci surgical robot can be held legally and financially accountable for the harm they cause to patients in Danbury.

Contact a Danbury da Vinci Surgical Robot Attorney

When you agreed to have your surgery performed with a robotic device, you certainly never assumed that your medical condition would worsen. Unfortunately, problems do sometimes occur with surgical robotic devices, like the da Vinci surgical robot.

When dealing with a legal claim involving medical problems resulting from robotic surgical devices, working with experienced attorneys is critical. The seasoned legal team at Berkowitz Hanna thoroughly understands medical terminology and can help you and your family navigate the complexities of Danbury da Vinci surgical robot lawsuits. Reach out to our office today to schedule your free initial consultation.