Danbury Heavy Machinery Accident Lawyer

Anyone who operates heavy machinery such as forklifts, dump trucks, cranes, and backhoes should take special care to make sure they do not injure others around them. Unfortunately, the necessary safety precautions are not always followed. When people and businesses cut corners or make mistakes that harm you, filing suit may be the first step toward helping you find peace of mind—even if it cannot undo an accident.

Consider working with an experienced Danbury heavy machinery accident lawyer in your pursuit of justice and a restorative pathway forward. The hard-working and compassionate legal team at Berkowitz Hanna understands the hurt, vulnerability, and sense of loss you may be experiencing. Our construction accident attorneys are skilled in creating legal solutions to empower clients.

Types of Heavy Machinery Injuries

Because of their considerable weight and size, heavy machinery such as forklifts, cranes, and dump trucks pose significant risks of causing serious and even fatal injuries. For instance, if a forklift is not properly parked, it could start driving on its own and unexpectedly collide with someone, resulting in fractures or other injuries. Similarly, a dump truck driver failing to check if the coast is clear before backing into a road might cause a collision, leading to concussions and broken bones for those involved.

In the instance that heavy equipment pins someone to a wall, they may experience catastrophic losses such as a severed spinal cord, an irreparably crushed pelvis, or an amputation. Additionally, individuals may suffer head injuries or neck fractures if materials are dropped from a crane or industrial lift onto them.

The repercussions of such accidents can be extensive, affecting victims’ ability to cover their expenses or spend time with family. For many, obtaining compensation through a settlement is crucial. A Danbury heavy machinery accident attorney can help pursue fair compensation for injuries sustained.

Seeking a Fair Settlement After Getting Hurt by Machinery

Someone who suffers significant harm, such as losing a limb, becoming paralyzed, or losing their ability to speak due to another party’s negligence, deserves fair compensation and recognition for their suffering. Under Connecticut’s personal injury laws, they may be able to sue the individual or institution responsible for the harm they experienced. This often involves demonstrating negligence as the root cause of their injuries.

The process usually begins with the affected person (any their attorney) identifying what happened and who is at fault. In the case of a heavy machinery accident, potential parties at fault could include equipment operators, employers, maintenance personnel, or manufacturers if equipment defects are involved. A Danbury lawyer can examine evidence, including maintenance records, operator training documentation, workplace safety protocols, and any potential equipment defects, to determine liability and build a strong case for the injured person.

Get in Touch With an Attorney After a Heavy Machinery Incident in Danbury

When you sustain broken bones, lose a limb, or nearly lose your life because of a mishap someone else caused involving equipment, getting your hands on a fair damages award may be enormously impactful in helping set you up for a smooth recovery process. Should you win your lawsuit, you may receive money to address your skyrocketing healthcare expenses, dip in income, and other costs arising from the incident.

You do not have to go through this process alone. Contact the Berkowitz Hanna team today to set up a no-obligation consultation with a Danbury heavy machinery accident lawyer to discuss your legal needs. With decades of tireless experience in this field, we welcome the chance to fight for you and champion your interests in the courtroom and during settlement talks.