Danbury Construction Accident Lawyer

When you are crushed by heavy equipment, hit by a dump truck, or experience another type of harm because of someone else’s mistake on a construction site, you deserve acknowledgment and financial relief. To that end, personal injury laws may give you a pathway to hold negligent people responsible for their actions and the consequences on your life. Taking this step may help you to reclaim your agency after the incident and access potentially life-saving funds to support yourself and your family during the lengthy healing process.

Our Danbury construction accident lawyers at Berkowitz Hanna are ready to talk to you and learn about what happened to you, what losses you have experienced because of it, and what your options are in terms of moving forward. We have a longstanding history of providing swift, decisive, and effective advocacy to those who are injured. We welcome the opportunity to create a strategy that addresses and seeks to right the wrongs done to you and your loved ones.

Accidents and Injuries That Occur On and Around Construction Sites

Given the amount of sharp, heavy, and powerful equipment or materials on and around construction sites, the potential of an accidental injury is quite high. For example, a mishandled crane may knock down a power line onto a passenger SUV and electrocute the occupants or seriously damage their car. Likewise, a front loader carrying dirt from one section of the site to a designated pile off the site may run into a pedestrian.

Vehicles leaving and entering the site are also susceptible to causing crashes, especially if the crew miscommunicates about how and when to signal that others are on the roadway. For example, a dump truck carrying cement, metal beams, and planks away from the construction site by backing onto the road may miss a warning from their colleague that another motorist is approaching.

An injured person should not have to bear the financial, emotional, and physical cost of an injury caused by someone else. Those who experience injuries because of a construction-related accident may benefit from working with a knowledgeable attorney in Danbury. A seasoned attorney can take swift action to protect the injured person’s rights and demand compensation.

Getting a Fair Settlement for a Construction-Related Injury

Demanding a fair and comprehensive settlement gives an accident victim access to critical relief to address their injury-related costs. For example, some of what they might recover could reimburse them for repairs they had to make to their belongings—such as a damaged or totaled car—and expensive medical care to treat their urgent wounds. Additionally, a financial award may address the unquantifiable losses endured in the time after the collision—such as pain, suffering, and discomfort and not being able to do the things they could before the incident.

Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584 puts a time limit on filing a claim against negligent parties, such as business or reckless driver. The rules around the deadline for when someone must file a suit are technical, and many exceptions apply that can extend or shorten the applicable timeframe. It is advisable to contact a seasoned Danbury construction accident attorney even if you think the deadline has passed. Legal professionals know the ins and outs of these laws and can ensure all possible steps are taken.

Call a Construction Attorney in Danbury for Guidance After an Accident

When the thoughtless actions of another person or faceless organization cause you pain, financial distress, and other types of losses, suing them may help you reconnect with your sense of purpose while also equipping you with the support you need.

At Berkowitz Hanna, we respect the courage, strength, and vulnerability of those who contact us to help address a serious wrong they experienced. Reach out to our compassionate team today to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a Danbury construction accident lawyer you can trust.