Danbury Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Your spinal cord plays an essential role in your daily functioning, but it is also susceptible to injury in the event of a high-impact collision, sudden fall, medical mistake, or other accident. When a doctor, drunk driver, or another person makes a costly error that inflicts harm on your spine, personal injury laws may empower you to speak out against the injustice. By filing a legal claim with the courts or aggressively pursuing a fair settlement during negotiations, you are putting yourself first and demanding what you deserve—fair compensation and a whole-hearted acknowledgment of the wrongs done to you.

Hiring a skilled catastrophic injury attorney to help with this undertaking and to advise you on potential courses of action is in your best interest. A Danbury spinal cord injury lawyer can identify your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna have years of hard-earned experience fighting for the injured and holding reckless wrongdoers accountable for their actions.

How Long Do Spinal Cord Injuries Take to Heal?

Recovering from an abrasion or break to one’s spinal cord or vertebrae can take years. In many cases, people never fully regain their pre-accident abilities. The likelihood of fully healing from a spinal injury depends on several factors, such as how severe and complete the damage is and its location on the pathway from the body to the brain.

For example, if someone has a lesion on their cervical spine—the vertebrae on their neck—and it completely severs the nerves, they are likely to experience total paralysis. Likewise, they may not be able to breathe on their own or have control over their bladder or bowels.

In contrast, someone with a partial wound to their spine may be able to recover sensations or movement after undergoing medical treatments and physical therapy. A spine damage lawyer in Danbury can be an invaluable resource to someone who was injured in an accident caused by someone else.

Understanding Spinal Cord Settlements

The lifetime costs of a paralyzing condition can be quite high, placing an extraordinary financial burden on someone who may already have difficulty securing a steady stream of income because of physical limitations. For example, an injured person may require around-the-clock care either in a hospital setting or at home to address their fundamental needs, such as going to the restroom, breathing, and eating. Additionally, they may have to participate in physical, occupational, or speech therapy to help them regain the ability to move around or communicate with the world.

Because the impact of a spinal cord injury is different for the affected person and their family, the exact settlement someone receives is calculated on a case-by-case basis. Ideally, a financial award would address the full scope of the person’s emotional, physical, economic, and relational losses. For example, a fair compensation package might give someone funds to replace their lost income as well as pay for their related medical expenses.

Many factors can impact a casualty’s final monetary award, such as the timeliness of when they bring their lawsuit and whether the contributory negligence rules—found under Connecticut General Statutes § 52-572h—apply. A knowledgeable Danbury lawyer can help you understand whether you have grounds to sue over your spinal cord injury.

Call a Danbury Spinal Cord Injury Attorney To Get Started

Sustaining a significant wound to your spine is one of the most severe types of harm you can experience, potentially limiting your ability to function or care for yourself for years to come. When someone else—such as a thoughtless truck driver or reckless doctor—makes an error that irreparably hurts you, filing a lawsuit may be an essential first step toward seeking restitution and the resources you need to begin to rebuild.

The knowledgeable legal team at Berkowitz Hanna understands the frustration and acute sense of loss and injustice you may feel after someone else’s actions change your life so suddenly. We are here to help. Reach out to a Danbury spinal cord injury lawyer on our team to schedule your free consultation.