Danbury Paraplegia Injury Lawyer

Any accident that causes the loss of motor and sensory function below the waist and results in paraplegia is invariably a life-altering experience. Even if you can continue working in some capacity after your accident, an injury this severe is likely to be expensive to treat, disruptive to your personal and professional life, and a source of substantial physical and psychological discomfort—all things you do not deserve to be dealing with and may only be experiencing because of someone else’s misconduct.

Civil compensation alone cannot completely erase the damage this sort of injury may cause, but taking proactive legal action with a catastrophic injury attorney’s help is essential to maximizing your quality of life. With a seasoned Danbury paraplegia injury lawyer from Berkowitz Hanna on your side, you will be able to build a strong lawsuit or settlement demand and collect every cent of the restitution you need.

Filing Suit Over Negligence Leading to Paraplegia

In simple terms, paraplegia stems from a substantial and usually irreversible interruption in the brain’s ability to communicate with the rest of the body below the waist. Paraplegia most commonly stems from trauma to the lumbar or lower cervical sections of the spinal cord, resulting in parts of the central nervous system below that point being directly cut off from the brain. However, paraplegia injuries can also stem from localized nerve damage in the feet and legs, certain types of brain injuries caused by traumatic external impacts, or medical conditions like strokes.

Regardless of how a paralyzing injury occurs, when it comes to filing suit, the injured party (and their attorney) will need to prove that the injury only occurred because of another person’s specific reckless or careless act. Examples of negligent conduct that can lead to paralysis include:

  • A driver causing a traffic crash by breaking a traffic law
  • A doctor failing to properly diagnose and quickly treat a stroke
  • A physician mishandling an infant during birth

Depending on the circumstances, multiple people may hold civil liability for a paraplegia injury. A seasoned paraplegia injury attorney’s support can be key to identifying and taking effective legal action in Danbury.

What Damages Can Be Factored into a Paraplegia Claim?

Anyone who played a role in causing or unnecessarily worsening an injury that left someone a paraplegic can be held financially responsible for short and long-term losses. These can include both economic damages with quantitative financial values and non-economic damages that must be valued qualitatively. A paraplegia injury claim may incorporate specific losses such as:

  • Emergency medical expenses and expected long-term care costs
  • Long-term disability-related expenses for things like wheelchairs, home/vehicle modifications, and in-home assistance
  • Lost short-term work income during recovery and lost long-term earning capacity
  • Personal property damage from the accident itself—for example, car repair bills after a traffic wreck
  • Physical discomfort and pain
  • Emotional anguish and trauma
  • Lost overall enjoyment of life

Another type of damages known as “punitive damages” are sometimes available in situations involving extremely egregious negligence or intentionally malicious actions. A paraplegia injury lawyer in Danbury can provide more insight into the type of damages that might be available in a particular case.

Discuss Your Legal Options with a Danbury Paraplegia Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, there is no monetary award big enough to make up for the negative effects that a permanent and debilitating injury will have on you. What civil recovery can do, though, is ensure the person who caused you to become paraplegic is the one who pays financially for as many of those negative effects as possible.

A Danbury paraplegia injury lawyer from Berkowitz Hanna can provide custom-tailored and compassionate legal representation. Learn more by calling today.