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Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) is the primary teaching hospital for Yale School of Medicine. The 1,008-bed tertiary care medical center has on its staff more than 3,600 university, community and resident physicians. With over 7,000 employees, YNHH is the second largest employer in the New Haven area. The non-profit institution, according US News Best Hospitals 2013, ranks 10 in adult and seven in pediatric specialties in the country.

In addition to Yale-New Haven Hospital, the hospital complex includes Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, Smilow Cancer Hospital at Yale-New Haven, and Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital. Its cancer center is among the National Cancer Institute’s 40 comprehensive cancer centers in the U.S. It is the only such comprehensive center in southern New England.

Among its highest Best Hospital rankings in the U.S. by specialty are:

  • Number 5 in Diabetes and Endocrinology
  • Number 11 in Psychiatry
  • Number 13 in Gynecology
  • Number 20 in Geriatrics

Among the nation’s highest rankings in pediatric specialties, Yale-New Haven Hospital ranks third in pediatric diabetes and endocrinology.

Other YNHH statistics include:

  • 52,302 admissions for the most recent year reported
  • 14,136 annual inpatient surgeries
  • 21,880 outpatient surgeries
  • 137,627 emergency room visits

Malpractice Lawsuits Against Yale-New Haven Hospital

Malpractice lawsuits have been brought against the hospital over the years for mistakes made by various doctors and staff.

For example, one if the most recent lawsuits against the hospital is a $2 million federal malpractice lawsuit filed by a bus driver for priapism. The disorder is the persistence of a painful erection without stimulation for more than four hours. According to an article published by ABC News, the driver complained that:

  • After going to the emergency room he had to wait in pain for hours before being seen
  • He was allegedly ignored by the staff, which he claimed were watching a TV sporting event instead of helping him or other patients
  • Once he was treated, he claimed the doctor did not properly administer the medication
  • No urologist or other expert examined him
  • The surgery eventually performed did not alleviate his pain

In another malpractice lawsuit, an 81-year-old woman sued Yale-New Haven Hospital May 31, 2012 for being severely injured when she fell off the operating table after surgery. The Associated Press reports that among her injuries were fractures of her hip and collarbone and a traumatic head injury that caused bleeding under her skull. The lawsuit alleged:

  • The hospital did not institute policies and procedures to prevent her falling
  • Failed to recognize she had not recovered completely from medications given during surgery
  • Employees failed to put the operating table at its lowest position before allowing the woman to reposition herself
  • The hospital left her improperly unattended

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