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New Milford not-for-profit hospital is an 85-bed facility serving patients in 80 communities in northern Fairfield and Litchfield counties in Connecticut, and Putnam and Dutchess counties in New York. It is a full-service community hospital that joined with Danbury Hospital in 2010 to create the Western Connecticut Health Network.

Built in 1921, the hospital prides itself on services in:

  • Acute care
  • Cancer care
  • Family birthing
  • Emergency room care
  • One-day surgery
  • Sleep medicine

New Milford Hospital, according to its literature, ranks consistently among the top 10 percent of hospitals in patient satisfaction across the nation. In its regional cancer center, the hospital was one of the first in Connecticut to provide modulated radiation therapy in addition to other treatment modalities, including:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Brachytherapy
  • High dose radiation
  • Cancer genetic counseling
  • Chemotherapy
  • The chance to be a part of clinical trials to study cancer treatment

Most recent hospital statistics show patients make more than 6,500 medical oncology visits and more than 2,800 radiation therapy visits to the facility each year.

One-day surgery visits are provided to patients for general and vascular surgery, orthopedics, spinal surgery, ophthalmology, urology, gynecology, endoscopy, cosmetic surgery, radiology, podiatry, and ear, nose and throat surgery.

Treatments for sleep disorders, which affect up to a third of the population, are offered for patients with obstructive sleep apnea, snoring and drowsiness caused by insomnia. The sleep center conducts overnight sleep studies on patients in hospital rooms set up to resemble comfortable hotel rooms. The studies measure, among other parameters, breathing patterns, oxygen levels, heart rate and muscle tone.

Lawsuits filed Against New Milford Hospital

When a doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider’s negligence causes harm to a patient, he or she and the hospital itself can be held accountable. Patients who believe they are mistreated while under the care of a Connecticut hospital such as New Milford Hospital can file a lawsuit against the hospital to pursue compensation for damages.

An example of a recent lawsuit against New Milford Hospital involves a woman who filed a lawsuit on behalf of her husband. According to an article published by The News Times, Diane D’Amato, the widow of a New Milford man, filed a lawsuit against his radiologist and co-defendants New Milford Hospital and Radiological Associates of New Milford.

The lawsuit claims that while Dr. Michael Waldman was performing a radiological procedure at New Milford Hospital in April 2010 Thomas D’Amato, 74, he perforated his spleen.

The News Times reported that medical examiners from the Department of Public Health found that Waldman “recognized that he had perforated the spleen,” but sent D’Amato home without saying anything. Department of Public Health documents also said Waldman failed to properly monitor D’Amato.

The patient returned to the hospital six hours after surgery with complications and then was transferred to Danbury Hospital. He died three days later.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed on May 18 in state Superior Court in Litchfield, the mistake caused D’Amato to suffer “blood loss, pain, anxiety, shortness of breath, pain and anguish, all of which caused his death on or about April 29, 2010.”

On April 17, Waldman was sanctioned by the State Medical Examining Board. The sanction required a reprimand be placed on his license to practice as a physician and surgeon in Connecticut. The sanction also required Waldman’s work to be monitored by a licensed radiologist for one year at his own expense.

“The lawsuit came to mind,” D’Amato’s widow reported, “when I found out that Dr. Waldman knew what he’d done and didn’t say anything.”

Even though the Department of Public Health sanctioned Waldman, that action was between the state and the doctor, explained D’Amato’s attorney. “No action they took or can take compensates Diane D’Amato for her loss,” he said.

Waldman resigned from New Milford Hospital and left Radiological Associates of New Milford. He is now unemployed, according to the news report.

Source: The News Times

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