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Childbirth Injuries Have a Lot in Common with Major Sports Injuries

Written by Berkowitz

Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorney - Berkowitz and Hanna LLCThe latest research using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has shed much light on giving birth. These scans allowed a team of researchers from the University of Michigan to observe injuries women sustained during the birthing process. This monitoring led the researchers to find that the injuries they encountered rivaled those of injuries common among athletes in marathons.

The team also discovered that 15 percent of women giving birth suffered from permanent pelvic injuries. Their study concludes that childbirth is arguably the most traumatic event that the human body can undergo.

This research also found that 41 percent of women who gave birth suffered from muscle tears, with two-thirds of those women suffering from severe muscle strains. These injuries often involved ruptures of the muscle tissue, which are usually caused by overexertion, pulling, stretching and tightening.

While the team used MRIs to determine the extent of the injuries sustained by these women during childbirth, researchers don’t recommend that women get MRIs immediately after birth. However, if a woman notices delayed recovery or increased pain, she should see a specialist and consider undergoing an MRI to see if she has permanent pelvic damage.

Recovering from Birth

For most women, recovery from childbirth takes approximately six weeks. Women may continue to feel pain in their pelvic region, especially during sexual intercourse, for as long as three months post-partum. Many agree that this is normal. However, any woman who notices that she has pain lasting longer than three months should speak to her OB or visit a specialist.

Birth Injuries are Serious

It is not just infants who will sustain serious injuries during birth. Women can have long-term serious injuries that should be assessed immediately. If you have suffered from birth injuries due to inadequate care or malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation. Some common complications which arise during childbirth and can lead to serious injury or death include:

  • Heart failure,
  • Respiratory distress,
  • Fetal distress,
  • Significant tears and permanent damage to sexual organs or the bladder, or
  • Complications from C-section or emergency C-section.

Birth shouldn’t be a traumatic experience – at least no more than nature intended. A well-trained physician knows how to see the warning signs that a woman’s labor is progressing negatively and should avoid such complications.

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