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Young Boy Allegedly Suffered Medical Negligence, The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Reports

Written by Berkowitz

A West Virginia couple has filed a lawsuit alleging that their four year-old son suffered permanent brain injury, developmental delays and bodily injury due to the medical negligence of a physician and medical center.

Their son, who has cerebral palsy, complained of severe abdominal pain and also experienced chills and dry heaves. Although medical personnel conducted a CT scan with contrast of the boy’s abdomen and pelvis, the doctor’s report failed to note that the child’s spleen was enlarged or had ruptured. They also did not order an abdominal ultrasound or surgical consultation.

At the parents’ request, the boy was transferred to another facility where, the plaintiffs allege, a review of the CT scan showed that their son’s spleen had ruptured. He was then moved, via helicopter, to a hospital where he had surgery. During the day’s events, he required intubation, as well as blood transfusions as he suffered from hemorrhagic shock. At one point his blood pressure dropped to 69/56.

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC will be watching this medical negligence case closely as it progresses through the legal system in West Virginia.

Note: Berkowitz and Hanna LLC did not represent any parties in this case.


Image by juhansonin via Flickr.com