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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Suicide Case

Written by Berkowitz

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A lawsuit has been filed in Stamford Superior Court by the Estate of a 33 year old wife and mother of two young children against four mental health professional following our client taking her life through a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Our client’s estate has alleged that despite being under the care of four mental health providers, including seeing all of them individually at some point over the last two months of her life, none of them ever performed a suicide risk assessment, recommended intensive counseling and/or hospitalization, or communicated with each other regarding her condition despite her being prescribed a number of mind altering medications for her depression, anxiety, and/or bipolar disorder. Further, none of her mental health providers were overly concerned regarding her expression of suicidal ideation and her desire to have a gun in her house. The estate is being represented by Russ Berkowitz, Kelly Ferraro, and Erik Siegel.