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The Friendship Circle Means A Lot To The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC

Written by Berkowitz

friendship circle

Relationships, particularly friendships, can make all the difference in the life of a child or teenager. That’s why The Friendship Circle is such an important organization, and one that Berkowitz and Hanna LLC supports and champions.

The Friendship Circle brings together teenage volunteers and children with special needs for hours of fun and friendship. “At the heart of all of the Friendship Circle’s programming is the belief that each and every individual can be a productive member of the community and benefit from the social support offered by one’s peers.  Friendship, acceptance and a chance to participate in socially accepted bonding opportunities are critical to achieving this type of inclusive society.”

The Friendship Circle is one of the fastest growing Jewish organizations in Fairfield County, and more than 100 families who have children with special needs benefit from its programs. 350 teenagers provide more that 12,500 “friendship hours” annually.

Berkowitz and Hanna LLC Charitable Fund aids local non-for-profit organizations that assist infants, teens, and adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness, and to help women and children at risk. The firm is honored to support The Friendship Circle.

Image via Friendshipct.com