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The Berkowitz Law Firm Supports Voluntary Services For The Blind

Written by Berkowitz

Voluntary Services for the Blind of Fairfield County has been serving the visually impaired community since 1993. With services that range from drivers to shoppers to clerical assistants, the organization helps clients perform everyday tasks at no cost. This is one of the many worthy organizations that Berkowitz and Hanna LLC supports with its charitable fund.

Clients include people who are “legally blind” or have eye disorders, such as cataracts or glaucoma, that prevent them from driving or engaging in other daily activities. Volunteers range from caring teenagers who spend time reading to clients to committed adults who run weekly grocery shopping trips for those in need.

Being blind or visually impaired can make life difficult, and Voluntary Services for the Blind works hard to improve the daily lives of those who cannot see. Berkowitz and Hanna LLC is proud to offer funding to this local charity.