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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Spotlights $2.5M Malpractice Suit Against Convicted Milwaukee Spine Surgeon

Written by Berkowitz

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Through the legal system, victims of medical malpractice can seek redress for their injuries and accountability for negligent and reckless mistakes. Case in point, according to medical malpractice experts Berkowitz and Hanna LLC, is the recent hefty Milwaukee settlement awarded to a patient who was left with permanent physical and financial discomfort from a botched spinal procedure.

After 35-year-old Todd Orvedahl, who worked as an estimator for a roofing company, underwent spine surgery in 2007, he was left with more pain than he had before the procedure. The severity of the affliction forced him to leave his job, live on disability disbursements, and to be hooked up to a morphine drip as a source of day-to-day pain management. In a medical malpractice suit against former Milwaukee spine surgeon, Cully White, Orvedahl won a $2.5M settlement. The award will help Orvedahl cope with his past and ongoing medical bills, as well as helping to supplement his living income, notes Berkowitz and Hanna LLC.

Cully White, who was the subject of multiple medical examining board complaints in 2013, recently served six months in federal prison for Medicare fraud. As part of a plea agreement, he relinquished his medical license.

Note: Berkowitz and Hanna LLC did not represent any of the parties in this case.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons