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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Scrutinizes Cerebral Palsy Lawsuits in Oregon 

Written by Berkowitz

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As with other legal topics, Berkowitz and Hanna LLC follows national news relating to medical malpractice birth injury lawsuits. Now an Injury Lawyer News story reports on a case in Oregon involving three families who have brought cerebral palsy claims against Silverton Hospital due to allegedly mishandling their children’s births.

According to one family’s account, the mother was having trouble with delivering her baby and was first given drugs “to speed up the delivery.” After hours of additional labor, a C-section was performed. Though born lifeless, the baby was eventually revived but suffered irreparable physical damage, including undeveloped muscles and speech problems. The other two families who brought on suits also were reported as having “similar scenarios and outcomes for their own children.”

Silverton Hospital has had three of these cases in two years—and two of them associated with one doctor, which, according to an expert on cerebral palsy, “does raise ‘a red flag.’”  However, the hospital has denied these malpractice claims and the same expert said that “only a small number” of cerebral palsy cases are usually “a direct result of some major misstep that took place during the delivery itself.”

As Berkowitz and Hanna LLC will keep track of these cases, their legal experts provide representation on birth injury suits in Connecticut. Contact them for a consultation.

Image by Dean Johnson via Flickr.com