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The Berkowitz Law Firm LLC Reviews Maryland Court Decision Rejecting Hospital’s Appeal In Birth Injury Case

Written by Berkowitz

long dark hospital hallBerkowitz and Hanna LLC provides expert legal counsel on medical malpractice lawsuits involving a birth injury. In these cases, the firm’s lawyers will pursue both legal accountability and financial compensation for medical care expenses that their clients deserve. Monetary awards can cover temporary or long-term required care such as with cerebral palsy.

The firm notes an example in The Baltimore Sun involving Maryland’s highest court rejecting MedStar Harbor Hospital’s final appeal over the $20.6 million plus interest awarded to the parents of a severely disabled boy. The boy, Javlan Norfleet, was born prematurely in 2002 with cerebral palsy.

According to the articlethe Norfleets’ attorney argued that Javlan lost oxygen while still in his mother’s womb and that the hospital’s medical providers “failed to perform a cesarean section rather than allow a prolonged vaginal birth.” The high court was noted as having found no issues with the proceedings.

The Sun article also stated that some Maryland hospitals are pursing the creation of a birth injury fund to provide care to injured newborns without litigation and “the high payouts that can come from court cases.”

In Connecticut, the firm continues to advise parents who believe their child has sustained a birth injury in this state. Call to schedule a consultation.

Please note: We did not represent any of the parties in this case. 

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